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Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio, Family, Net Worth!


Sydney Brooke Simpson got her reputation for being the daughter of an infamous former National Football League player, broadcaster and actor, O.J. Simpson and late Nichole Brown Simpson. Sydney Brooke was born in California and has a younger brother named Justin Ryan Simpson. Sydney Brooke now is a successful businesswoman who is a caterer. Sydney Brooke Simpson had a rough childhood, quite different from what you might consider rough, she did not have financial issues but something much bigger.

Being a child of a famous family, she was always in the spotlight. Her father, O.J. Simpson was accused of the murder of his wife, Nichole Brown Simpson and her alleged boyfriend Ron Goldman. They were murdered on June 12, 1994 outside of Nichole Brown Simpson’s condominium in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Brooke was 9 years old when the incident took place. Soon, her whole family including her, and her brother became the talk of the nation. After the murder, Sydney was subjected to intense speculation since the accused was her father.

Ron Goldman was reported to be stabbed multiple times in the chest and neck. Similarly, Brown was stabbed multiple times and was found to have her carotid artery cut. The evidence led to O.J. Simpson being the biggest suspect. With her mother gone and her father accused of murder, Sydney Brooke Simpson went through a lot. After the trial, Sydney spent the next few years as a part of a very public custody dispute between Brown’s family and her father, O.J. Simpson. With such a life where most of your childhood was shown to the public with every little detail, Brooke managed to live a relatively private life after she got older. Now in her twenties, the businesswoman has established herself solely by her own efforts.

Nicole Brown Simpson                        Ron Goldman

Considering the traumatizing past and a childhood that no one would call normal, the Simpsons did not let the past have an impact on their future. After graduation, Brooke moved to Atlanta and was appointed as an Events Coordinator. Later, she opened her own business in 2014 in St. Petersburg named Simpsy LLC and was able to scoop 13 properties since 2015. Sydney Brooke and her brother, Justin Ryan Simpson have been working together in real estate. Her dedication and hard word have grown her business a lot. With her main source of income being the real estate business, Sydney Brooke Simpson has a net worth of $10 thousand dollars. In 2015 she was able to build a mini-real estate empire with her brother in Florida and the properties there are now worth $500,000.

Sydney Brooke Simpson and her brother Justin Ryan Simpson

The celebrity kid managed to stay away from the media for a long time and from what it seems like, she does not wish the spotlight to be on her again. She recently got in the news due to the rumor of Khloe Kardashian being her half-sister.