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Sun Equipment Named Best Used Forklift Dealer 2019

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If you’re looking for a used forklift to save your company money, then you don’t have to look any further than Sun Equipment Forklifts. With over 20 years of forklift sales experience, Sun Equipment has long been named the best-used forklift dealer in 2019. With Sun, you can be sure that you’re not getting a lemon. They have many options available and offer many items from forklifts to scissor lifts, and even accessories and parts. Forklifts can be extremely expensive, but Sun Equipment makes it a goal to ensure that you get a quality used forklift for an affordable price, rather than having to spend an arm and leg by purchasing one from a manufacturer.

What about Financing?

Sun Equipment is one of the most prominent dealers in the Virginia area, and they have their own financing office.  They offer to finance for businesses and try to ensure that they can meet your business needs. If you need extra money or are looking to sell a used forklift, they even buy them for a great price to better help your company through their Sun Equipment Direct Capital financing office.

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Are the Just Local?

The quick answer to that is a huge resounding no. Sun Equipment also offers nationwide delivery so if you need a used forklift delivered to Washington, well then you got it.

What Brands Are Available?

Even though they are refurbished, rebuilt, or just slightly used, the brands of forklifts that Sun sells are actually quite popular. They offer forklifts from many brand name manufacturers such as CAT, KOMATSU, HOIST, Yale, and much more.

Are they Legit?

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Yes. Sun Equipment is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating. They have numerous testimonials because customer service is their primary goal when it comes to selling and even buying forklifts. If they don’t have a forklift that you’re looking for in stock, they go the extra mile to find one for you. Things like this are what make exceptional businesses stand out. They allow trade-ins and understand that businesses have a budget when it comes to expenses. For more information on their website, they also have a blog and news page.

What about Refunds?

Sun Equipment forklifts have a very nice policy. If they aren’t able to meet your needs for your business, then they will completely refund you and you can return the product. Many businesses need fork trucks of certain sizes and shapes. If Sun can’t satisfy your needs, Mike himself wants to do everything he can to make customers happy.


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Many people don’t realize that forklifts are necessary for so many job applications. Many factories require them to keep inventory and stock their warehouses. Forklifts aren’t limited to regular typical ones, but they also include skid lifts, palletizers, and more. There are even fork lifts that are meant not for driving, but much like a hand jack. All of these are available when you shop using Sun Equipment.

For more information and to get a quote, visit https://www.sunequipment.com/.