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How to Take Good Care Of Your Car Collection

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Maybe you had always dreamt of having a splendid car collection and now your dream came true. What are some of the most important things that you should do to ensure that your cars are taken care of the right way? If you have a classic car collection you adore, I’m sure you will do everything to ensure that the cars are in their best condition all the time.

The secret is simple. You just need to maintain your car. This is something that you cannot overlook if you want the cars to last longer while still maintain high resale value.

If you are a newbie, I have some important tips regarding car maintenance and some of the things that you can do to take care of your car. Read through and I hope you will find this post resourceful.

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Keep Your Car Clean

Cleaning the interior and exterior of your car thoroughly every month is important. Not only does this keep the car looking new but also eliminates dirt. If you keep your car dirty, there are higher chances of attracting more dirt and grime which can be hard to clean and also affect the interior and exterior of your car.

If you are not planning to use the car soon, you need to keep it clean. Before you put your next car cover, make sure that the car is free from dirt and debris. You can also spray any metal that is not painted with an undercoat to protect it against rust.

Cleaning your car is not a complicated job. This is something that you can do at home or visit a car wash. Treat your car like your house and always ensure that the interior and exterior are always clean.

Change the Oil

You should also check the oil level so that you can know when you need to change or top up. The oil is important in the general performance of your car because it works well in lubricating the engine parts. This prevents any grind and tear.

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You need to check the oil frequently so that you can be sure that the engine has enough oil. If you are not sure of the recommended amount of oil, refer to the car’s manual. Checking the oil level is simple and you can do it yourself.

Keep Windshield Clean

This is another way of taking care of your car. You don’t want to have cars with dirty windscreens because it can be hazardous. With a soft sponge, you can clean the windshield regularly to increase your visibility on the road. Soak the windshield with your favorite cleaning liquid and perform a thorough cleaning. It will help you get rid of dust, dirt, insect dropping and other things that might have littered the windscreen. Additionally, you should also check if the headlights are dirty and clean them too.

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Tire Pressure

This is another great way you can take care of your car. You should check the tire pressure and ensure it is the required amount as per the manual. Having too much tire pressure or too low tire pressure can be dangerous. You have to maintain the required tire pressure so that you can drive safely.

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You can buy a tire pressure gauge to help you maintain the right tire pressure. This will eliminate the chances of having over or under inflated tires. If the car tires have the right pressure, this increases the efficiency of your car as well as its life.

Check the Brakes

This is something that you can do at least 2-3 times a year. If you drive for long distances, you can check the brakes frequently. If you are well versed with the job, you just do it yourself. Additionally, you should check if the brake pads are worn out and require replacement.

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If you experience nasty grinding noise, this can be a problem with the brake pads. This means that they resist the loss of brake power, especially at high temperatures so they require immediate replacement by a professional mechanic.

You should never ignore replacing the brake pads because this can lead to failure of the rotor. I also don’t think you can do the task on your own because it is quite demanding and might need the help of a professional.

Check the Mirrors

The mirrors are important because they help you see what is happening at the back when you are driving. The front and rear mirrors should always be clean so that you can see what is happening at the back of the car and reduce problems on the road. After all, you don’t want to be driving with dirty mirrors.

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Change the Air Filter

It is important to ensure that the air filter of the car is clean so that the car can breathe with ease. When the air filter is dirty, it affects the acceleration and this makes the performance of the car less efficient. Additionally, a dirty air filter causes engine failure and damages the combustion chamber.  Inspect the air filter so that you can know when to buy a new one.

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Final Words

There are many reasons why people choose to have a car collection. Some people prefer to keep their old cars instead of selling. Other people fancy about having different car models in their collection. Regardless of the reasons why you prefer to have more than one car, it is crucial to know how you will maintain your cars whether they are old or new so that you can enjoy a rewarding long term car ownership.

Maintaining your cars properly saves you more money because you don’t have to buy a new one sooner than you need. You would love to have your old car serve you for many years without any problems. If you follow the above maintenance tips, not only will your car run smoothly but also increase its resale value.