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Some important points in writing a thesis

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If I give my undergraduate, master’s and doctoral thesis scores, the doctor will score 85 points, the master’s degree will be 65 points, and the undergraduate class will score 20 points. Although the three papers were considered excellent papers among the classmates at the time, they were judged by the ratio. However, the doctoral thesis has the highest quality, the most mature ideas, and the most articles.

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What I will share here is about some important points in writing a thesis:

1. Writing a thesis is a systematic project, not the same as writing common paper, so from the very beginning there must be a whole thinking and planning, such as document management, literature indexing, data management, table image management and so on. It is recommended to create a folder from the beginning, including sub-folders of various aspects, sorting, system management, and so on.

2. Writing is stressful. Before you write, you should think in advance, clear your thoughts, and then write your pen.

3. Don’t expect a draft to be a good one. The most important thing about writing a thesis is the first draft, because it is the most difficult from scratch, and the first draft will be revised after it comes out. No matter how sharp and complicated the revision is, it will not be too difficult. As the saying goes, it is the same as the paper, and often the final draft is always beyond the first draft.

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4. Don’t worry about generating a list of bibliography documents. Because once this list of documents is inserted, it will always be updated over and over again when changing, and sometimes it results in improper or lost papers. If you use software such as endnote, when writing, use the {author name, year, etc.} in the place where the document is inserted, and finally generate the list together.

5. There is still a difference between the thesis and the magazine. For the thesis, refining is not the most important requirement, and the details are the most important. For magazine, refining is the most important, because magazines often have word limit and refined text will be favored by magazines. Therefore, when writing a thesis, we must strive to be exhaustive, especially the first draft, and then modify it slightly. If we meet some difficulties, the option of using cheap dissertation service or cheap thesis service can be considered.

6. Remember, once you encounter Word-related problems, you need to figure out and solve them in the first place. There is a problem with Word design, you better understand that. Most of the time, the online search for a problem will be solved. These problems will not bother you in the later period.

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7. Communicate the progress and requirements of the paper’s writing with the instructor in a timely manner. Every tutor has different habits. For example, my tutor does not read the full manuscript, but now my boss asked me to write a chapter and she changed the chapter. The final quality control is in the hands of the instructor, so communication is the most important.

8. Think of the paper as the starting point for your rigorous research. Everyone knows that no one looks at the paper, and even if it is finally archived in the library, it may never be seen. However, the gains in the writing process of the thesis are incomparable to the writing of paper, and there are not many opportunities for writing a thesis. That is to say, there are not many opportunities for the system to write a work (those who can publish a book skip it). So, if you really want to be a rigorous scientist in the future, then please write your paper carefully, even if it will come and no one will read it.