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Key points and precautions for writing abstracts

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Abstract, from the literal meaning can be understood as the excerpt points. The definitions of the abstracts are basically the same: the abstract is mainly for the purpose of providing a summary of the contents of the literature, and cannot be commented and supplemented. It is a short and concise document that records the important content of the document concisely and independently.

From the above definition, it can be seen that the abstract of the academic paper has the following characteristics. Keep reading!

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1. Purpose

The purpose of writing abstracts of academic papers is to provide a synopsis of the contents of the literature. It should focus on the most important and innovative contents and viewpoints of the original text; express the main content of the article with as few words as possible, so that the reader can simply read the abstract of the paper.

2. Objectivity

Academic paper abstracts must reflect the main content of the paper objectively and faithfully. There should be no comments on the categories, annotations, and explanations in the abstract, and it is not allowed to present the subjective evaluation of the abstract writer.

3. Independence and logical

The abstract of the academic paper is a complete whole and must be logical, so that the reader can obtain the author’s academic viewpoint, research methods and research results without reading the original text. It can exist independently on its own and become a secondary document alone. Logic is very important in every academic paper.

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4. The replacement

To note, the abstract of the academic paper is a concise replacement of the original text. It should provide the reader with the informative content of the original text without making a statement, so that the reader can fully understand the original information to help them determine whether they need to obtain the original text.

Second, the function of the abstract of academic papers

1. Extract the content of the thesis, supplement the insufficiency of the title, and provide readers with the choice of reading. The modern social literature information is vast. After the reader retrieves the title of the paper, the main basis for determining whether to read the full text is to read the abstract. Therefore, the abstract shoulders the dual task of introducing the main content of the article and attracting readers.

2. Prepare for the construction and maintenance of the literature search database

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The world of the 21st century is a world of information digitization. The ultimate goal of the publication of the paper is to make use of it. Therefore, in order to be more widely used, the combination of papers and information digitization is taken for granted. One of the search services in the literature search is abstract search, and it is a search service that is relatively accurate and widely used by readers. The abstract of the paper can prepare for literature search and maintenance.

From the above points we can conclude that abstract is the foundation of scientific writing. Academic papers have a clear format and must be obeyed. This is what distinguishes between something written for the academic community with something written for general consumption. Not all students have sufficient knowledge to understand how academic papers work, therefore they need help. Help, basically, is unlimited and they can get it from anywhere. Now is the Internet era where we can seek any academic help even just doing homework. There are many services that support it. Finally, hopefully this article adds to your knowledge.