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Protect Your Company with the Latest Encryption

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It’s not surprising that so many businesses are worried about their online privacy, given how many high-profile companies and even political parties have been targeted by hackers. It’s very difficult to move on after being hacked: businesses suffer financial drain, prolonged aggravation, and damage to their reputation that is hard to undo. 

Thankfully, new encryption technology offers truly advanced security that is also extremely easy to use. Read on to see how it works.

What Makes Encryption So Secure

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Encrypted communications cannot be deciphered by third parties, even if they were somehow intercepted. Only the intended recipient will be able to access the message’s contents because only they have the key that unlocks the message.

There are different kinds of encryptions, though: industry leaders offer what’s known as the ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), one of the strongest encryption protocols on the market, which uses both traditional PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography.

CAMP’s current iteration lets users communicate with an increased range of encrypted contacts, while automatically defaulting to the most secure encryption option available.

New Security Features

Encryption technology has been around for years, and not all providers are of equal quality. When you select an industry leader like ChatMailSecure you get top of the line encryption and other important complementary security features.

For example, the user can set duress and tamper proofing password, so that if the device gets into the wrong hands and a stranger tries to access the phone, all the sensitive data will be automatically deleted. Self-destructing messages ensure that confidential information doesn’t remain on your phone for longer than it needs to, and to make sure the information stays private users are barred from forwarding, saving, or favoriting a message, picture or note that’s been marked self-destruct.

Also, the best devices use randomly generated entropy to create private keys on the device — the strongest possible — and your private key never leaves the device. With CAMP, the key exchange that enables users to decrypt encrypted emails utilizes the Double Ratchet Algorithm, combining cryptographic ratchet based on the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, and another ratchet based on the key derivation function.

And because confidential information like contacts, notes, emails and an encrypted message are never stored on a server, they can only be accessed through the physical phone itself.  

Ease of Use

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Business happens quickly, and technology that is secure but too slow to keep up with the pace is inadequate. Historically, encryption used to only apply to basic features like email. 

Now, industry leaders in encryption have created platforms which are both totally secure and easy and seamless to use, with essential functions like chat messaging, voice messaging, and image messaging. Group chats can feature as many as 32 individual people, and administrators can choose to use anonymous group chat, where only the administrator knows the identities of the people in the conversation.

Savvy organizations and companies are quickly adopting this encryption technology before there’s a breach that causes so many problems. Modern companies need modern protection for their communications, and that means getting the latest encryption technology.