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Professional tools for works, construction and house makeover


Owning adequate equipment allows construction professionals to perform their work in accordance with customer requirements. Tools cutting, preparation of concrete or DIY, here is the material for construction experts.


As part of masonry work on a construction site or in a house, the mason must equip himself with the following professional materials:

  • Measuring tools: the meter, a ruler, a stake and a line;
  • Chisel: to cut bricks and concrete;
  • Platter: to prepare the mortar;
  • Concrete mixer: to prepare the concrete;
  • Trowel: to spread the plaster;
  • Trough: a container for preparing and pouring concrete or plaster;
  • Hammer: to open a wall;
  • Trestles: to carry heavy materials;
  • Professional paint sprayer: for fasten the painting work and more attention to detail.

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After moving into your apartment or to begin development work, some small DIY work is needed. To do this, you can call a professional or purchase the following equipment:

  • Hammer: whether it is a model for joiner, electrician or nail puller, you will probably need it for small DIY jobs. For individuals, rely on a carpenter’s hammer that is versatile and easier to handle;
  • Screwdriver: the must in the toolbox of the good handyman. The screwdriver comes in different forms. You can afford a full case with different interchangeable screwdriver bits.
  • Clamp: flat, rack, cutting, angled nose or electrician, this equipment is also a multi-purpose material.
  • Hand saw: You can opt for a manual or electric saw. Choose from hacksaw, hand saw or hard-back;
  • Screwdriver: essential during the move, it will be used to assemble and disassemble your furniture kit;
  • Drill: used for basic DIY work, this tool allows you to drill holes in hard materials: wood, brick or concrete.

For each worksite intervention, the professional must own a commercial vehicle in which he transports all his work equipment and reserve equipment.

Choosing your materials

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In a construction or renovation project, the choice of materials is essential. Here are some tips for choosing them.

1. Define the project to choose the right materials

To choose your materials, it is necessary to clearly define the outlines of your project and the details of its implementation: attic insulation by blowing or panels, insulation by the exterior undercoating or under ventilated cladding.

2. For choosing the right materials, choose your store

The choice of the store is not trivial. Vendors must be able to effectively inform you to determine the most appropriate materials. The sign must also be well stocked. Finally, the services must be up to your project. For example, the store must be able to deliver your materials as soon as possible, adapting to the constraints of the place.

There are stores organized as cooperatives or big brands specialized in distribution network. From structural work to decoration, they operate a rigorous selection of its suppliers and materials. Some of them also offer many services that facilitate the management of the place. For example, some orders can be made to measure, a real plus to allow professionals to respond to all requests.