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Save Your Tears


By Christopher M. Towsley

I happened to meet a Woman,
betrayed after twenty-three years,
her Husband left Her cold,
and She doused Herself with tears.
And almost two years later,
her eyes, with tears, still bled.
“Save Your tears for when You’ll need them,”
was all I said.

Tears are just God’s way of saying,
“Let it out My lamb,”
“Pain is there for you to bear,”
“Like a spike through the hand.”
And He watches over us, guiding,
accepting burdens, for truth.
And the tears that fall,
need not, at all,
as We speed through Our youth.

There have been times,
where life’s upward climbs,
have left tears on My face,
running perpetually,
down My cheeks,
in emotional disgrace.
But I turned My head to listen,
And I thought I heard someone say,
“Don’t You sit and waste Your tears,”
“You’ll need them again someday.”

Life is full of ups and downs,
trips and folls that cost,
recently placed speed bumps,
that tear off Your exhaust,
and once again,
You turn to Your friend,
Your head sunk in Your hands,
and it seems You forget,
there are better times yet,
and that God has other plans.

The frailty of insecurity,
in all of Us, is a trait,
that seems to go unrecognized,
too often, too late.
When Your time comes,
and someone’s dreams,
are broken amidst the fray,
remember, tell them, “save your tears,”
“You’ll need them again someday.”