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The Frog in the Slow Boiling Pot


Based on the old parable about the slowly boiling frog, Censored Poets blog brings us this short but impactful poem. Combining the age-old warning with today’s current events, Dennis Rafkind reminds us that we are the boiling frog. From the Whiteout Press Poetry Section.

The Frog in the slow boiling pot,
Won’t know when it’s getting too hot,
He will not jump out of the pot,
Even when it turns BOILING hot!

If dropped in a hot “boiling” pot,
The frog he will quickly jump out,
But if in a slow boiling pot,
That frog he may never jump out
To all the “haves”, and “have nots”
Is there something we may have forgot?
Aren’t we really all in the same spot
All frogs in a slow boiling pot.