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July 13, 2014

Leak says Denver the Secret, underground US Capitol

July 13, 2014. Denver. (ONN) Denver has been the center of conspiracy theories ever since the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out in 1977. And that was nearly two decades before the controversial Denver Airport was even built. Former workers there tell of secret underground cities. Others say the space is inhabited by aliens or an ancient underground human race. The latest whistleblowers insist it is the new US capitol in preparation for the destruction of Washington DC.

A map of underground roads and rails connecting Denver Airport with military bases, nuclear silos and defense installations. Image courtesy of DIAConspiracyFiles.com.

The suspicion and rumors that Denver is the secret alternate US capitol has been around for decades. Your author has written numerous articles on the subject going all the way back to the late 1980’s. So it’s curious that the rumors, whistleblowers, photos and leaks persist to this day. They’ve even grown to include the sprawling recently built Denver International Airport (DIA).

Now, the decades-old rumor that Denver is the secret underground US capitol has been married up with the more recent accusations that Denver Airport is the main hub of an entire multi-city underground nation, creating one of the most interesting and widespread conspiracy theories going around right now. One independent news outlet recently took one side of the debate, while a local Denver TV station went underground at DIA to prove the conspiracy false.

Denver and the Continuity of Government

Our friends at Intellihub describe Denver International Airport (DIA) as encompassing 53 square miles of above-ground land, making it the largest airport in the US and the second-largest in the entire world. The authors also quote Denver Mayor Michael Hancock confirming for the media that the city has in fact been building an entire “aerotropolis”, or a self-sustaining city geographically located in, on, above, or below an airport, since 2010. The new city will have everything required to sustain a large population including business and agriculture.

The report reminds readers that it’s neither a secret nor disputed that the US federal government has always had a secret “Continuity of Government” plan in place in the event the US capitol in Washington DC is destroyed. Whether it be overrun by domestic or foreign armies, contaminated by WMD’s or swallowed by the ocean in the next great flood – if Washington is uninhabitable, the government will relocate to its secret, alternate capitol.

Government officials have never confirmed where that location is. Authors, novelists and conspiracy theorists have spent the last four decades insisting its Denver, Colorado. The city’s high elevation, interior location, protective mountains and unexplored underground make it a believable choice.

The Intellihub report cites a number of independent news outlets that have investigated the theories surrounding DIA, including former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and his cable TV show. The separate investigations suggest that what was a single underground city 30 years ago has allegedly become a spider web of underground highways, bullet trains and roads connecting a secret underground network of cities, government facilities and military bases across the country, all centering on Denver.

Intellihub talks to Denver Airport whistleblower

Whiteout Press’ good friend Shepard Ambellas, the well-known Intellihub investigator who provided the report on Denver Airport two weeks ago, credits a new whistleblower who reached out to the independent news outlet to expose some of the mysterious happenings at and below DIA right now. The source is a current or recent employee working inside Denver International Airport.

Denver officials confirm their city’s airport has seven underground levels directly under the airport itself. But they insist many of the areas are closed and unused and most of the underground facilities are used by the airlines to process millions of pieces of luggage. The airport employee adds to that setting by confirming that some of the widespread conspiracies about DIA are true.

  • The report says, ‘The airport’s gate and door numbers correspond to emergency action and response plans.’ This is an often repeated notion because even skeptics have admitted that the airport’s underground designation numbers make no sense to the casual observer.
  • The worker explains that the half dozen underground levels were purposely built with different numbering systems on each level, as well as a varying and changing depths of each level so it’s impossible to know which level you’re on just by measuring your depth underground, or how far underground you are just based on what level you’re on.
  • The airport employee says there is a mysterious quarantine in effect in one of the underground levels. The person couldn’t confirm which below ground level it covers, or how many. But he says it’s below the United Airlines section of Concourse B and that airport officials have only said the area is quarantined due to a ‘bio-hazard’, possibly a fungal outbreak of some kind.

  • The source says that the landfill located at the airport is a front for some other unknown purpose. Constructed in 2000, airport officials attempted to have it shut down in 2002. The report says, ‘The landfill has a functioning element to it but is “mocked-up” to look like a landfill hidden in plain sight.’
  • The employee, described by the reporter as revealing this with great nervousness and hesitation, says there is a secret military entrance under the United Airlines section of the airport and the little-known entrance is marked ‘BE64B’.
  • Also regarding doorway BE64B, he says it leads to a three-mile-long tunnel used by military vehicles and leading to a five-building military base 120-feet below ground.
  • The whistleblower also details how the airport underground is equipped with automatic and compartmentalized gates and doors, much like submarines, high rise fire doors, or locked-down prisons.
  • The employee says the nerve center and the part of the underground city reserved for only the most senior officials is located under the northwest section of Concourse C.

Federal ties to Denver Airport

The Intellihub report documents separate investigations, including one centered on FOIA documents from 2005. The author presents them as confirmation that United Airlines has a secret government contract to secretly fly government officials in and out of Denver Airport. The investigators suggest this contract isn’t for ongoing flights, but in preparation for a national emergency in which the entire federal government must be relocated from Washington DC to Denver. The report also cites follow-up FOIA requests by PBS to the Dept of Defense about the United contract. The DOD response was described as, ’94 mostly blank pages.’

The Intellihub report concludes their investigation and interview with the Denver Airport whistleblower by writing, ‘The Denver Airport (Location) is part of a Continuity of Government Program and does indeed house an underground facility.’

State-sponsored corporate media responds

Taking the government’s side of the debate over the secret underground levels of Denver International Airport is Denver’s own Channel 9 News, a Gannett-owned network. While officials at DIA refused to give Shepard Ambellas and Intellihub an interview or even a response for their report, government officials invited the Wall Street news corporation in for a carefully guarded tour of the airport’s mysterious underground levels. They even let the network film and broadcast some of it.

With video cameras rolling, Channel 9 News drove around the dark, dreary underground of Denver Airport. “If you type in ‘DIA Conspiracy’ into YouTube, more than 80,000 videos pop up, each with tens of thousands of views,” the report tells viewers, “So 9-NEWS wanted to find out what’s really under DIA.” The corporate news team was even given a guided tour by Denver Airport officials.

“There are so many conspiracy theories that exist about DIA,” airport Communications Director Stacey Stegman told the reporter, “Some people say that there is an underground secret government unit that is housed; that there are alien structures that are hidden; a number of different psychological warfare testing. People question the murals. People question the art. I’ve never seen a facility that has so many questions about it.”

Stegman is talking about mysterious carvings in the underground walls, some of which are obvious drawings of aliens. He also confirmed that if you plug in the coordinates given out in the famous movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind showing the aliens where to land, the spot is only 51 miles away from Denver Airport. For the record, the movie came out 16 years before the airport was even built.

Debunking the conspiracies

The airport spokeswoman seemed to have an answer for every conspiracy theory ever posed about Denver International Airport. As the network camera drove through the dark underground levels, even the TV reporter couldn’t help but echo what many conspiracy theorists and whistleblowers have said over the years, “There are peculiar stamps of numbers and letters here and there and flickering lights that leave you with a bit of a chill.”

The reporter and Airport PR Director tell viewers that the rumor about the many mysterious bins found six stories underground aren’t used to transfer dead bodies, even though they would be the perfect size. Instead, they counter, they were for moving luggage, years ago before the newer automated system was created. They didn’t address why these useless left-overs are still there however.

Addressing another widespread theory about the underground tunnels beneath Denver Airport and their unusually high ceilings, the reporter and government official insist the travel-ways were constructed so large to accommodate the unused and outdated luggage system. Others have theorized the tunnels were built unusually tall to accommodate military vehicles transporting tanks, missiles and other equipment.

The airport spokeswoman dismissed all the various conspiracy theories by suggesting that Denver International Airport was simply too big and too busy to hide a secret underground city from so many daily travelers. “53 million people travel through this airport every year,” Stegman told viewers, “It seems like it would be pretty difficult to hide all of these covert activities when you have that going on.”

The segment concludes with what seems to be a conflicting message for viewers. The Gannett reporter concludes, “All that’s under here are everyday airport operations. That’s if you believe we’re on the bottom floor.” The airport PR Director then slips in during the final seconds of the TV report, “There is a level that goes down below where we are today. The baggage system did go subterranean. But that’s been abandoned. That’s not used anymore and there’s nothing else going on underground.”

The corporate reporter then contradicts herself yet again concluding, “We’ve shown you everything there is to see under DIA.” Everything except the just-admitted secret, off-limits, 7th and deepest underground level below the airport. ‘It’s there,’ government officials confirm, ‘but nobody’s allowed to see it.’

Read the full report from Intellihub and watch the telecast from Denver’s Channel 9-NEWS.


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