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infowars alex jones and max keiser rt discuss bitcoin


August 29, 2014

Infowars Alex Jones and Max Keiser of RT discuss Bitcoin

By Mark Wachtler

August 29, 2014. Cyberspace. (ONN) There’s a new global currency on the loose and it’s like no currency mankind has ever seen before. It allegedly can’t be manipulated because it isn’t controlled by any national government. And you can’t put it in your pocket because it’s not physical money. It’s digital currency and it’s called Bitcoin. With much of the world tired of being at the mercy of the increasingly manipulated US Dollar, many experts are predicting Bitcoin may replace the US Dollar as the globe’s standard currency someday.

Max Keiser of RT’s Keiser Report sits down with Alex Jones on Infowars. Image courtesy of Infowars.com.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is like a rock star sweeping the globe. As an example, find us any other currency with its own website and millions of social media followers. Illustrating just how futuristic this digital currency is, Bitcoin actually has its own home on the internet at Bitcoin.com. The site greets visitors with a video that announces, “What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins are digital coins you can send through the internet. Compared to other alternatives, Bitcoins have a number of advantages.”

Among the advantages detailed on the Bitcoin website are:

  • Transferred directly from person to person via the net
  • Without going through a bank or clearing house
  • Fees are much lower
  • You can use them in every country
  • Your account cannot be frozen
  • No prerequisite or arbitrary limits

Sound good? Some people think so and some people are more skeptical. Even among the world’s most accomplished and trusted financial experts, there are deep divisions over people’s opinion of the new digital currency. Many think it’s a fad or simply don’t understand how it works. Others fear that Bitcoin will replace the US Dollar and they are frantically lobbying the world’s countries to start regulating the new internet currency before it destabilizes the entire global economy.

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Alex Jones and Max Keiser discuss Bitcoin

Infowars’ Alex Jones and RT News’ Max Keiser come from two different media worlds. But they’re often in agreement when it comes to topics like the New World Order. They’re also two of the few media personalities on American TV that we at Whiteout Press trust to tell it like it is. They’ve both proven it day in and day out for years. And we couldn’t wait to see what the two of them had to say about Bitcoin when they sat down for an on-air interview on Infowars Nightly News to discuss the subject.

Below are some excerpts from the Alex Jones – Max Keiser discussion two weeks ago, courtesy of Infowars.com:

Alex Jones (Infowars): I remember four years ago, five years ago, when you first started promoting Bitcoin, you were an early guy to get in. You said it was going to become this really dominant crypto-currency and all these years later, it certainly has become that with WordPress.com, Overstock, Amazon, Target, CVS, Subway, Victoria Secret – they’re all accepting it. So now InfowarsStore.com is accepting it. We’re excited about it…I’ve had my questions about it. I didn’t want to be involved early. But the people have voted with their currencies, going into Bitcoin. They’ve supported it. You see houses selling for 1.6 million Bitcoins. It’s becoming more and more successful. And as you said on my show five, six years ago, it would give the private central banks a run for their money, with their fiat currencies…A caller at the end of the show today, he was asking, what is Max Keiser’s position in it? We want full disclosure. Is it a currency, or really, what is Bitcoin? And where do you seriously predict it will go? So, Max Keiser, five minutes on the Bitcoin revolution.

Max Keiser (MaxKeiser.com):  Well, as far as full disclosure goes, I’ve said from the beginning going back to 2009 that I’ve been a buyer of Bitcoin. I’ve been buying Bitcoin ever since. Obviously, when it was $3 a Bitcoin, I ended up buying a very large position. And I still hold. And I’m very happy I’m holding. I haven’t sold any of my Bitcoins except maybe a few here and there to do some retailing. But I think going forward, the price will continue to go higher. And what’s driving the price of Bitcoin, in my opinion, are these financial crises. Remember, it was at $40 a Bitcoin when the banking crisis in Cyprus hit. And it suddenly jumped to $240. That’s really a great application for this crypto-technology, is a store value, a safe haven, during an era we live in now of banking scandals and banking crises. I think the next major bank to collapse, you’ll see Bitcoin trade above $1,000 again, and stay above $1,000. And I think it can trade a lot higher. Remember, it can be used as a currency. But it’s also primarily, it’s utility is to send money overseas on the internet for virtually no cost.

Alex Jones: So we know why the big banks and Western Union are so angry about this. Because I’ve noticed with Bitcoin coming in now, it’s been driving down the rates, that in my opinion, these loan sharking institutions are unable to charge anymore.

Max Keiser: It’s pro-competition. It’s something new. And it makes all of these other entrenched oligopolies, as we call them, stand up, take notice and either lower their prices to compete or go out of business. Bitcoin is free market competition in the area of currencies. And it’s being adopted around the world. BitPay is a company you mentioned that was the first to offer Bitcoin transactions. They’re signing up tens of thousands of merchants all over the world…Just to be clear, people can show up to your store, use Bitcoin to buy stuff, and you can instantaneously put that into Dollars. You’re not holding Bitcoin. You’re just using it as a medium of exchange. And you’re passing the savings onto your customers. So the customers that would be charged for the credit card transaction or some other means to use your store. Those costs are being eliminated.



At the time of publication, 1 Bitcoin was valued at $509.59 USD. Visit Bitcoin.com for details.

To view the full video, visit Inforwars.com. For additional information, visit MaxKeiser.com.


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