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James Laforte – An Experienced Investor And Founder Of The JLL Consulting Group

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Now, in the times we are living in investing in certain assets seems like quite a good choice and if you are willing to wait for chances are you will be able to make quite a good money of it. Cryptocurrencies are a trend and we think that these still have a lot to say. On the other hand, investing in regular currencies or banking bonds might be a good thing to do but these are much more prone to fluctuation and are not as good as other tangible goods. Though some people might see tangible goods as a thing of past and that investing in these makes no sense there are more than few investors who would disagree and one of them is James Laforte, an experienced investor and now a founder of a devoted healthcare group JLL Consulting.

This wise man has more than a few words of advice for all of us looking to start a business or try our luck in the investing world. But before we go onto that let’s go ahead and take a look at some info about him and his healthcare group!

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Who Is James Laforte

James Laforte is a highly successful man who has been in the investment industry for a few decades and went on to find what is now the City Group Partners, one of the most successful European healthcare consulting agencies (JLL). He started his career as a Senior Consultant at the Oppenheimer and Co. Inc where he worked as an investor and entrepreneur only to, later on, become a Senior Partner of JLL Consulting and a Vice President of Celgene. He was already recognized more than a few times for his success in small businesses and has held more than a few conferences giving tips on financing and starting your own business. One of his biggest achievements was the Distinguished Star of the Year Award given out by the Excell for his success in growing healthcare and reorganizing its debt. He is a man that we can all learn a thing or two from so let’s go ahead and take a look at what does he suggest considering investing and tangible goods.

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James Laforte And His Love For Diamonds

Well, out of all tangible goods James Laforte sees diamonds as the best thing to invest in. Unlike paper money, or bonds that are prone to destruction or price fluctuation diamonds are there to stay. On the other hand, investing in land as he says can be a good move, but it is once again prone to fluctuation given all the external factors so still not as good as diamonds. Now, some think that diamonds only have their price because people are willing to pay for it – but that is not true and as this businessman suggest diamonds have great use and a so-called universal worth. Diamonds look good, diamonds are indestructible, diamonds have utility. Nowadays, diamonds are mostly used in equipment for hard polishing tasks or drilling, and of course, we can always see them as a luxurious addition to certain vehicles and jewelry. In the times we are living in, where dollar, for example, is on a steady fall (given the fact that it is the only currency not supported by gold reserves), diamonds probably are one of the best tangible goods that you can invest in. And as James Laforte suggests tangible goods aren’t a thing of past, but a thing of future!

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James Laforte is a man who already had a huge influence on the European healthcare sector and we are sure that he will continue to develop his consulting group while helping small business in the process. And as he is an experienced investor he is probably the guy that whose advice you should listen to – have his diamonds idea in your head and make the most out of it!