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10 Easy Snoring Remedies: How to Stop Snoring 


If you suffer from snoring, then you are not alone in this. Around half of the American adults snore! Snoring basically occurs when the air flows via your throat during your sleep when you breathe in. It makes the relaxed throat tissues to vibrate and create this irritating snoring sound. Snoring may disturb your partner’s sleep too. However, if it is small and doesn’t bother you much, then you can ignore. But if you snore too heavily, then it could be a sign of serious health condition like:

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Obesity
  3. Obstruct sleeping apnea
  4. Problem in your mouth, throat and nose structure.

However, you do have some snoring remedies to keep your snoring in check. It is important to seek advice from a doctor to get the right medical treatment for your condition. Here are 10 easy snoring remedies to treat snoring and its different causes:

  1. Shed weight if you are overweight

When you lose weight, it cuts down your throat tissue which may be causing your snoring. You can lose weight by consuming small portions and healthier diet. Ensure to do your regular exercises daily and consider meeting a nutritionist to get your diet chart.

  1. Sleep in your comfort zone

Sometimes sleeping on your back causes your tongue to go to your throat’s back and block airflow to your throat. When you sleep on your side, the airflow is well-ventilated and it reduces snoring or stops it completely.

  1. Change your cushions and pillows

Allergens of your bed may lead to snoring. Replace your pillows, cushions and bedsheets periodically. Dust mites may collect on your pillows and lead to an allergic reaction which causes snoring. When you keep your pets on the bed, they may also mess with your breath which can cause snoring.

Keep your pillows in an air fluff cycle and replace them in 6 months. Keep your mattresses clean and replace them after 5 years. And most importantly keep your pets out of your bedroom.

  1. Use nasal strips

Put nasal strips on your nose bridge to increase the space of your nasal passage. It will make your breathing better and lower your snoring. You can also use a nasal dilator on top of your nose to lower the airflow resistance and make it simple to breathe.

  1. Cure chronic illness and allergies

Allergies may also lower your airflow via your nose which makes you breathe via your mouth. It increases the chances of snoring. Consult your doctor about the allergy and get the right medication to improve your condition.

  1. Right nose structural problem

Often some people have the problem of a deviated septum. It causes misalignment of the wall which separates the nostrils and restricts air transfer. It may force you to breathe through your mouth during sleep and lead to snoring. You need to get the surgery done to heal it.

  1. Stop consuming alcohol

Sedatives and alcohol reduce your throat muscles resting tone and make it more likely for you to snore. Drinking alcohol before going to bed makes snoring worse. People who snore shouldn’t drink alcohol at all.

  1. Keep yourself well hydrated

Drink a lot of fluids. Secretion in your nose may turn stuffy or stickier if your body isn’t hydrated well. It leads to more snoring. A lot of people who have the problem of snoring have been found to drink less water.

  1. Get efficient sleep hygiene

Poor sleeping habits or lack of good sleep hygiene may lead to inefficient sleep and snoring. If you do not get sufficient sleep or your mattress isn’t good or not as per your body type, then you may not get good sleep which may lead to snoring.

  1. Use oral appliances

Getting dental mouthpieces can allow you to keep your air passage open and makes it easier for you to breath. It helps you prevent snoring. However, you need to see your dentist to get the device.

Cope with your snoring


Snoring obviously disrupts your sleep and also hampers the sleep of your spouse. But apart from being irritating, it also has several health issues related to it. Thus, it is very important to see your doctor and try one or more of the above-mentioned treatment to get your sleep under control. If you follow the treatment right and use it as per your need and requirement and then certainly you will be able to control your snoring habits. However, before trying any of the treatment, it is very important that you consult your doctor and find out what is causing your snoring. Once the problem is pinpointed, you can easily deal with the issue and find the right cure for it. But, make sure you do not ignore it and get it treated right away.