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Is There A Love At First Sight?

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Ah yes, the question on every lover’s mind. Life would be very sad if there wasn’t someone out there to care for us, to love us, to preoccupy themselves with us. With so many heartbreaks, it could be difficult to believe in such a phrase.

But what is humanity’s destiny if not to fall in love? Can people really find the person they are meant to be at first sight? Well, it would seem that new evidence suggests that there is hope for each and every one of you lovebirds reading this article.

But what is the evidence behind it?

People say it happens all the time

We’re absolutely positive that you have at least one friend, family member, or acquaintance, who’s met their other half this way. In fact, if you start getting people’s testaments you might find out that there are more and more couples who’ve fallen in love at first sight. One of the more interesting ones we’ve heard is the fact that Meghan Merkle and Prince Harry reportedly experienced love at first sight.

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But don’t take our word for it, take the word of 400 men and women who were asked in research some time ago on the topic of love at first sight. They were asked if they had experienced love at first sight, how passionate they found their partner, and how attractive they felt to him/her when they first met her/him.  Out of those 400 men and women, almost 76% had said that they have experienced love at first sight, and they are still with their partner.

Love, at first sight, isn’t just a bad memory or experience

According to AmoLatina, love, at first sight, does indeed happen and people experience this feeling as soon as they meet the right one. It starts off as an initial attraction which later develops into a full-blown relationship. The only argument that people say against this is that people tend to have a biased memory and can sometimes create the illusion of love at first sight while meeting their partner.

But we strongly disagree with that. While there might be cases of it being true, not everyone falls into this category.

Beautiful people are more prone to people falling in love with them at first sight

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In a study conducted on the subject of “strangers falling in love at first sight with attractive people,” the outcome of the study reported higher cases of “success”. The study reported that attractive people were more prone to people falling in love with them at first sight, but in order for the phrase to be real, the attractive person needs to fall in love as well.

Men fall in love more than women

Another research showed that men fall in love at first sight more than women. But this needs more elaborating. First, women tend to be more selective with whom they choose to go out or date, and second, men have reported this experience with more than one partner.

Love, at first sight, doesn’t mean it’s mutual

Yes, the truth is out and our hearts are broken… Just like any tragic love poem teaches us, love at first sight inst always mutual. In fact, most love at first sights is a one-sided phenomenon. But have no fear as one partner’s intense experience could help “seduce” the other person’s mind, subsequently making him/her fall in love with the first person.