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How to Fight the Wintertime Sadness

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Cold days, long nights, and an extreme lack of warmth…winter is here, as Ned Stark predicted. And it feels as bad as medieval torture. If you have zero energy and the same amount of passion for life – welcome to the club!

Is there any solution? How can we beat this moodiness and come back to life? We hope that the following tips will give you at least a tiny glimmer of hope:

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1. Put on your scarf, for God’s sake

Winter isn’t the best time to demonstrate the exposed parts of your body. You use much energy to stay warm. Don’t make this mission even more challenging for your poor body! Put on your warm socks, your coat, and your deer print sweater. For more great tips you can visit ecellulitis.com.

2. Eat more

As mentioned above, we waste much energy to stay warm in winter. Food = energy. Winter is the perfect season to forget about your diet and eat food that will help you fight cold weather. Besides, tasty food makes us happier, and that’s the main idea of this article.

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3. Watch Christmas movies

You can’t hate everything about winter. We bet you love Christmas, with its magical spirit, gifts, and cheerful songs. We suggest you to fill your heart with Christmas spirit each time you feel blue and lonely. “Love Actually,” “The Holiday,” “Home Alone”… We won’t put here the whole list of movies, just google it.

4. Focus on holidays

Once again – winter can be great if you concentrate on its advantages. Yes, we’re talking about the holidays! You can have some rest, meet your friends and family, and get awesome presents! More delicious food, more smiles, and more joy! Of course, it’s not the whole winter, but you should take what you can get, fellow.

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5.Sleep well

A lack of healthy sleep will make your mental state even worse. Our biological rhythms change because winter days are shorter. Our bodies require more sleep in order to function normally. Don’t neglect this opportunity to fight your winter anxiety!

6. Go for walks

It might sound insane, but you should take it seriously. If it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you should stay at home 24/7! Your brain needs fresh air. We’re not talking about marathons or excursions. Anyway, 20 minutes won’t kill you if you get dressed properly.

7. Do sports

Yes, we really mean it! When you do sports, you become more energetic, and you relieve your stress. Give it a try! Being a couch potato won’t make you feel any better.

8. Ask for assistance and have some rest

Family issues, academic assignments, work tasks, and cold winter aren’t the best combination to make you happy. You can’t ask someone else to visit your granny, right? However, you may stop tweeting, “help me with my homework!” Apply to professionals and get more time for the most important things!

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9. Keep cozy

Enjoy the things that you’re not able to enjoy in summer. Hot cocoa, a warm blanket, your favorite fluffy slippers…imagine this pleasure! What keeps you from making these small steps on your way to inner peace?

10. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

This tip is appropriate in any season of the year. But in winter, you really should be kinder to yourself. Our life is cyclic, and we can’t be energetic and happy all the time.

But we can try.

Good luck!