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How to easily commute busy city streets – Simple solution

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There’s absolutely no doubt that being stuck in traffic is one of the most frustrating things that you can experience. Especially if you’ve had a long, hard day at work and you’re just looking forward to getting in your home as fast as possible so you can relax. Well, your relaxing will have to wait for a bit because now you’re stuck in what is supposed to be an approximately one hour “worth” of a traffic jam.

But, what if you think a bit “outside of the box”? You know, cars and motorcycles are not the only transportation vehicles that a person can use in order to get from point A to point B. They’re definitely the most famous and used ones, but are they the smartest way to navigate through the busy streets nowadays? We don’t think so. In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of using electric bikes, so if you’re really fed up with being caught in traffic, keep reading.

What is an electric bike?

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Before we start going in-depth about electric bikes, we want to let you know that they’re definitely here to stay. The e-bikes sales jumped by about ninety-five percent in 2018 and they’re continuing to rise throughout our current year. People started realizing the importance of saving the eco-system while also maneuvering through traffic more easily. The e-bike industry is measured to be worth approximately seventy million dollars.

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E-bikes are basically standard bicycles but they have a battery powered assistance that helps with pedaling. When you push the pedals on the bike a small motor will activate and engage in the motion, giving you a slight help or a “boost” so you can move more easily without completely “gassing” yourself. Make sure to check this list of Top 15 folding electric bikes in 2019 reviewed by Lifestyle Reviews, if you’re already considering purchasing one for yourself. The difference between electric and standard bikes is the ability to go faster without using so much power, in situations where you’re really tired and don’t have the needed energy that a standard bike would require.

Why should I get an electric bike?

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Besides the amazing fact that you’re saving our planet by not driving a car as everyone else does, you get to be more healthy, fit and also never get caught in traffic. If you ask us, those three reasons alone are enough to purchase one right now. Also, not to mention the money that you’re saving. Driving a car all the time is pretty expensive. You need to re-fill that gas tank really often, especially if you’re going to work every single day. E-bikes are so easy to store in your garage or even inside your home, in your work office and pretty much everywhere. You will never have to frustrate yourself about not finding a parking spot or even paying for parking every single day. Your bike can be carried in hand if you need to get into a tricky spot and you wouldn’t have to make huge circles around as if you were to if you used your car.