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Biker Life – Accessories you need to have

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The biker culture and style have been really popular ever since they appeared, and they are getting even more recognition nowadays. Regardless if you watched Sons of Anarchy just recently or you were interested long before that, you should take a look at our list of biker accessories that you must have if you’re a fan of this culture.

The Motorcycle

Some of you think that it’s just a vehicle. Wrong. It’s a symbol of freedom and rebellion. For bikers, the motorcycle is much more than just transportation. To a biker, his motorcycle is like a part of him that stays until the end of his life. They’re one with the bike. And it’s something that is and should not be swapped, ever. Bikers are like big families that share everything, including their problems, but never their bikes. Think of it like a Jedi’s lightsaber or a samurai’s sword. It is crafted for them, and them only.

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Riding a bike is basically escaping out of the comfort zone. Challenges and surprises await at every corner, but that’s how you live your life to the fullest. People who realized this started forming groups which grew into some of the biggest motorcycle crews today.

Biker Crews

People often associate biker crews with criminals and people involved in illegal activities. However, this is not always true. There’s a big difference between a crew and a gang. Some crews simply enjoy riding together and doing various activities such as traveling the entire world on their bikes. Although there are some biker gangs that are heavily involved and known for their criminalistics behaviors, there are crews that are doing heavy charity work as well. We should not let the negative reputation of the “bad ones” affect those who are trying to make the world a better place and simply preserve their culture.

Biker accessories

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When you see a biker, you immediately know that he’s a biker. I mean, they’re just normal human beings, except they dress cool and have awesome accessories. This is because of their style that is heavily admired. They tend to wear and use things that have a meaning to them. For example, a biker told us that the way they carry cash is important. Therefore they want to have a unique wallet that represents something and allow them to make a statement without saying anything. You can find a list of amazing biker wallets on this URL. The same goes for their cuts. The most iconic and recognizable piece of clothing that a biker can wear. A cut represents the position or the rank of the biker, and the crew he’s in. Their crew’s logo and the name are usually patched on the cut’s back and their rank on the front. If you see “prospect” on a biker’s cut it means that they’ve just joined the crew and are still there for “testing”. If they manage to pass the required tests they are allowed to join the crew as an official member with the ability to progress further in the ranks. The cut represents what the biker is “rebelling against” and what he supports. Same goes for everything else they wear. Earrings, patches, tattoos, necklaces and rings. Everything that a biker wears represents something, it’s never just pointless items that they’ve picked up from a shop. That’s why this culture is highly valued and has such a big meaning.