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How to Choose a Camera to Study Deer and Their Way of Life

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Wildlife photography is probably one of the most challenging niches in the business. With unpredictable lighting and fast-moving subjects like deers, a good camera is always a must. There are several factors you will need to consider when choosing a new camera for wildlife photography. Before we list the best cameras for wildlife photography, we will focus on the features you need to have on your camera.

Sensor size

A full-frame camera usually has large sensors that allow you to crop an image to achieve the “zoomed in” effect. However, high quality and smaller sensors can achieve the same effect with much higher magnification.


Because the subjects in wildlife photography move fast, you will want a camera with an accurate and fast focus to get sharp images. While a camera with more autofocus points is advantageous, newer, more powerful systems with advanced focus-tracking and phase-detection can achieve the same results with fewer autofocus points.

Frames per second or FPS

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A camera with a faster capture rate can produce more frames per second so you can capture that perfect movement, facial expressions or wing position you are looking for. Also, make sure to consider how many frames can be stored in a single burst.

ISO range

Higher quality images have lower ISOs, but higher ISO ranges are a must-have if you are in low-light conditions which is pretty common for wildlife photography. A camera that offers a wider range of ISOs can be a significant advantage.

Camera Build

Last, but not least, it is a smart idea to consider getting yourself a weather-proof and durable camera since you can experience all kinds of extreme weather conditions during wildlife photography. Now that we covered all the most important features that you need to have on your camera for wildlife photography, we can continue with the list of cameras we recommend. If you are looking for good deer cameras, you should check out feedthatgame

1. Canon EOS 7D MARK II

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This is an ideal entry-level camera that is around one thousand dollars but rocks a powerful image processor and APS-C sensor. It also has an AF system that can track moving subjects with precise focus and is optimized for low light conditions.

2. Toguard 12MP 1080p Wildlife Scouting Hunting Camera

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This trail camera is simple to use but is definitely a purposeful device. They usually come with a lot of features that can overwhelm even veteran photographers. This trail camera works great during the day and can catch vivid colored scenes throughout the night. It also has an amazing quick trigger speedo f just 0.8-seconds which allows you to shoot constantly without missing a frame.

3. Nikon D5

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This high-end camera has about 150 autofocus points and a very powerful processor which allows you to produce up to 12 images per second. This one costs around 5000 dollars.

4. Canon EOS-1D

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This is probably the fastest DSLR available and probably one of the best cameras for wildlife photography because of its speed. This one will cost you about $4000.

5. Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera

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With this wireless trail camera, you will never have to go back to the surveillance site to review all the photos taken, since you can access them wirelessly from your phone or computer. This camera has great motion detection, sensor tracking, and great picture and video quality.