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How a Lawyer Can Protect You in a Domestic Violence Charge

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Sometimes you need a domestic abuse lawyer to help you in a domestic violence charge. Why? Because sometimes things get blown out of proportion, and sometimes, things can even be lied about and the next thing you know, you’re being charged with something that you didn’t actually do.
There are plenty of videos out there online on social media showing how some women have hurt themselves or blown things out of proportion when it comes to a domestic charge, but women themselves aren’t the only one. In today’s society, even men play and are victims of domestic violence.

What Does a Lawyer Protect You from in a Domestic Violence Charge?

When you’re the one being accused of being charged with domestic assault or other domestic violence charges against whoever it was. A lawyer will help you do many things, such as:

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  • Stop you from digging yourself deeper
    One of the most common mistakes that people make is saying too much. You may think you’re just doing what you’re supposed to do, but you could also be giving the police a reason to file official charges on you. Prosecuting attorneys have a way of twisting the story to make it go in their favor, and if you are being interrogated, a lawyer will help you avoid saying the wrong things.
  • Helping Your Case So You Can Be Freed
    A defense lawyer will help when it comes to your case or charge because they can assist you in getting those charges dropped. Another thing they can do is help you reduce sentencing, bonds, and more. They can assist you in what plea is the right plea for your case in order to help you.
  • Restraining or Protection Order Defense
    When you’re charged and have a restraining order against you, they can make your day to day life difficult, because sometimes they say that you can’t be anywhere within so many yards of the individual. This can have detrimental impacts if they are ever in your vicinity or location. At the same time, it can make it difficult to have proper visitation with your kids, who shouldn’t be without their parent (unless there’s a justifiable reason) just because of a domestic violence charge against your partner, significant other, or spouse.
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There are many ways other than the ones above. Some people are also the real victim because they are charged with domestic assault simply because of the ignorance of the laws (this happens to people from other cultures who don’t know that our laws work the way they do). There have been numerous cases of this happening, and the end result is that the person who may have slapped their spouse, even if they had a good reason, could go to jail for domestic assault. At other times, you can even be the victim, yet being the one being charged by the other party simply stating that you did whatever it was, when in fact you are actually innocent. To learn more, please visit San Diego Defense Pros.