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Everything About High-Efficiency Furnaces

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The winter is coming and compared to summer when we need air conditioning to cool down, now it is time to buy products that are there to warm us up. And although there are various different furnaces seem to be the best choice. Furnaces are the most effective heating product that you can find at high-quality for modest prices.

When it comes to buying furnaces, there are two things consider. The first one is on what type of blower motor does it run – PSC, E.C.M or the Variable DC motor. And the second important factor is what is the type of gas valve – is it a single stage gas valve, two-stage gas valve, or a variable stage gas valve. Depending on this, your budget and your needs you will be making the decision. Among all the high-efficiency furnaces seem to be the best one out there.

Let’s take a look at what to consider when buying a high-efficiency furnace!

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Buying A High-Efficiency

Before anything you should consider if it is time for buying a new furnace. Calling in experts like the ones from https://weather-tech.net/ is your best bet, as they will tell you if the furnace is too old and needs a replacement or you can still use it with some minor fixes.

Now, when it comes to measuring how efficient is one furnace you have to understand that efficiency is basically how effective can the machine produce heat using the minimal energy. The efficiency is measured using the AFUE rating, and the higher the rating, the more effective is the machine. The best ones run at the 98.5% (fossil fuel converted into heat). If you still don’t understand this, you can use the example of a 100 dollar bill – if your machine has a 98% rate it means that 98 dollars are effectively used (instead of $80 on an 80% AFUE rate).

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Yes, the high-efficiency furnace is somewhat pricier than the regular ones (below 90%), but believe us in the long term it is absolutely worth it. Still, if you don’t live in that cold of an area, you will be fine with traditional lower-efficiency models. As of the unit itself, it runs on a two-stage gas valve used the so-called “sealed combustion” which allows the certain amount of air to be mixed with fuel providing even more energy as a result.

Now, for those of you that are interested to buy one you should now that these are priced at around $3000-4000. Because of that, you should carefully think through do you actually need one before getting it. But, if you decide for a high-efficiency furnace, it will be worth it.

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Best Furnace Service Out There

Though there are many furnace sellers and services online after doing some research, we found that the Weather Tech is the one to chose. For all you Canadian citizens we recommend it, and for anyone else out of it well at least try to find an agency that works like this one. First of all, they sell high-quality products from air conditioners to excellent furnaces. And then, they are ready to come to your house at any time – 365 days a year, 24/7 and fix the problem if it arises. The customer support is amazing, and the Weather Tech company realize it does offer an excellent service overall for modest prices!


Getting a furnace if you don’t already have one is a smart decision taking in consideration that winter is coming. These products do last for more than a few years, and you will be getting great use out of the same. Depending on the climate you live in you can choose between the regular and high-efficiency furnaces, but be sure that whichever you pick it is a worthy investment!