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4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filters Regularly


As we enter deeper into winter and the temperature begins to drop, we spend more time indoors in the comfort of our homes. Here, we use our HVAC units to keep our homes warm as we breathe the air filtered by our furnaces.

Most people ready their homes for winter in a variety of ways. We prepare our windows, drainage, gutters, and even our sprinkler systems. However, many of us ignore the air filters in our furnaces, even though it’s recommended that we change them every three months at a minimum.

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Here are some advantages of regularly changing your furnace filter:

1. Better Air Quality

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The most obvious advantage of using a new air filter is that your home will have better air quality. A home will a dirty air filter will have more polluted air.

A clogged filter is less likely to filter harmful contaminants such as pollen, dust mites, cockroach debris, dust, carpet and clothing fibers, spores, bacteria, and smoke. People with allergies, children, and the elderly are even more vulnerable to these particles.

If your home has pets, then you should most certainly change your filter regularly. A filter with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of at least 8 is required to block cat and dog dander.

Better air quality can help you sleep at night, giving you peace of mind and improving your productivity.

2. Lower Energy Bills

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The cost of a new filter is offset by lower energy bills. A clogged air filter will work harder and use more energy to make warm your home. It’s estimated that a fresh air filter can save as much as 15 percent of your utility bill. In the long run, it makes financial sense.

3. Lower Repair Costs

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A dirty air filter can cause your heating and air conditioning system to break down and require expensive repair costs. This is because a dirty air filter is less capable of filtering dust, increasing the strain on your HVAC system, which must work harder to heat your home. The motors of older units are especially vulnerable to this and may overheat and burn out.

Here, your only option is the costly replacement of the motor. What’s more, you’ll be stuck shivering for a few nights until the emergency maintenance crew can locate the right parts.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs

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If a dirty air filter doesn’t damage your HVAC system, then it may clog it. An HVAC system that gets polluted regularly will need to be maintained more often. The costs of services and parts can add up quickly. It’s simply more cost-effective to replace your filter.

These are some important reasons why you should regularly change your furnace’s air filter. Not only is it good for your pocketbook, but it’s good for your family’s health.