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Elder Law Attorney – What Is Their Role?

Elder Law

The elderly have different legal needs as compared to younger people. The aging population faces unique challenges of its own like deteriorating health, lack of community social services, and shrinking financial assets and resources. To address the need and rights of the elderly, elder law comes into the picture.

This law is getting quite popular nowadays and is a dynamic area of legal practice. It is a broad field of law and covers various legal issues like estate planning, retirement planning, long-term care planning, elderly rights, social security issue, guardianship, etc.

The lawyer who specializes in this field of law is an elder law attorney and represents the interests of the elderly and the individuals who care for them.

Role of a Cherry Hill NJ elder law attorney:


  • Financial administration and guardianship: In old age, most people are unable to care for themselves and do their daily activities. In such a scenario, the elder law attorney ensures a guardian is appointed by the court, who will manage all the activities of the incapacitated elderly like providing for basic necessities, making decisions about medical and caregiving, and handling their financial assets and resources.
  • Estate Planning: Estate planning is a must for every individual. Especially, the elderly should have an estate plan in place. All their financial assets, property, and wealth that they have earned over the years should not go into the wrong hands. The elder law attorneys ensure that there is a well-versed will that will pass down the assets to the rightful legal heirs. The estate plan will also cover medical directives, power of attorney, etc., which will mention who will take care of you in old age when you are incapacitated.
  • Social security matters: Most old age people rely on social security benefits after their retirement. The elder law attorney assists the elderly and ensures they receive the right benefits as per their needs and conditions. The attorney also guides them through state-equivalent healthcare programs like Medicaid and how to go through the process.

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When you reach your old age, you must have all your resources planned out properly so that you lead a safe and secure retirement life. You must not depend on anyone for running your life.

An experienced elder law attorney is a must for people your age. They will help provide you with the resources and support, which will help you to lead a dignified and independent life.


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Elder law attorneys provide legal services for people who are sixty-five years of age or older. Through their understanding of state and federal rules, they help navigate the complex world of wills, trusts and other end-of-life documents.

By staying up to date on changing regulations and laws impacting seniors, elder law attorneys can ensure that the rights, assets and interests of their clients are protected before any unforeseen circumstances can arise.

Whether you’re looking at retirement options in your golden years or just trying to protect your home from nursing care costs later down the road, an elder law attorney is a valuable resource when it comes to making sure you make sound decisions regarding aging gracefully into your later life stages.