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Top 5 Mistakes Receptionists Make When Answering A Phone Call

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A legal receptionist has seven seconds to make an impression when they answer a phone call. As one of the most underappreciated yet surprisingly effective way to turn leads into clients, phone calls need to be appropriately answered if they are to give your firm leads.

A relatable, professional, and helpful legal receptionist can make phone call common mistakes, sometimes without knowing it, and cost your firm money. If you feel your receptionist is not living up to their standard, check to see if they are making any of these common mistakes.

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1. Not smiling

This may sound strange because the person on the other end cannot see your receptionist. But, when they smile, their body responds psychologically as if they are happy or in a good mood. This makes your legal receptionist sound friendly and positive when talking to potential clients. It may look counter-intuitive, but it will bring in results.

2. Holding the call for a long time

Sometimes, adequate service requires that a caller be put on hold as your receptionist does her magic. When a person is on hold for a long time, however, they become irate which works to your firm disadvantage.

The moment your receptionist realizes that the call will take some time, they should immediately say so and ask the caller if they prefer to wait or receive a call later from your office. Provide as much information as to why it will take some to put the client at ease. If the matter is critical, the client is likely to wait, but without fussing about it.

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3. Canceling an appointment without double checking

Have you ever tried to call someone and they were not available to receive your call? This happens all the times, but where cancellations and lawsuits are involved, your receptionist should try as much as possible to reach a client before canceling.

If they are unable to reach a client through a call, the receptionist should use email and text. Whether it is your office asking for a reschedule or the client, double-checking ensures that both your firm and your client are on the same page and no court days are affected as a result.

4. Keeping things too formal

By the time someone is calling your law firm, they are distressed. Either they have been accused of breaking the law, someone close to them has, or they have had an accident. Your legal receptionist should know how to put a caller at ease, empathize with them while keeping things professional.

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5. Answering the phone after a long time

When you are stressed out, you want whoever you are calling to answer the phone immediately. The same should apply at your firm Answering a call within the first two rings soothes the caller’s mind and shows that your firm cares about its clientele.

According to yourccsteam.com, training your virtual legal receptionist on how to answer phone calls is crucial to your everyday business needs. A receptionist who answers a call in a warm, friendly, and approachable way is likely to earn you more than one who makes the common mistakes listed here.