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Egypt Hieroglyphs Reveal Ancient Planes and Helicopters


In the late 90’s, principal investigator of the Enterprise Mission, Richard Hoagland, produced never before seen evidence of ancient flying crafts or ships. Carved into the beams of the 3,000 year old New Kingdom Temple, were multiple hieroglyphs of images that looked eerily similar, some would say exactly, to modern helicopters, planes and even the Star Wars Landspeeder. In 1998, Fox Television sent a crew to the ancient archeology site at Abydos in Egypt. What they saw still mystifies all who see the images. See for yourself here at Whiteout Press.

Egypt Hieroglyphs Reveal Ancient Planes and Helicopters

Fox’s world-wide Egyptian television Special – ‘Opening the Lost tombs, Live from Egypt’, was broadcast live from Egypt’s Giza Plateau. The program included a major segment featuring Richard C. Hoagland, Principal Investigator of the Enterprise Mission. Hoagland presented compelling graphical evidence, never before seen on network television, strongly hinting at a prior “high tech” civilization period prior to the known Egyptian civilization.

Hoagland’s evidence consisted of enigmatic glyphs discovered carved into the ceiling beams of a 3,000 year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau, at Abydos. The glyphs, perched high under the several hundred ton roof of the Temple itself, depict astonishingly modern-looking flying machines, completely impossible under any current archaeological views of ancient Egypt!

3,000 year old Egyptian hieroglyphs

Hoagland’s Abydos discovery was verified in November 1998 by a Fox television crew’s own several hundred mile trek to the SETI-1 Temple at Abydos and actual filming of the glyphs in place within the Temple. The find is nothing less than astonishing support for the controversial sub-text of the 1998 Fox Egyptian telecast, that we’re not the first.That a prior, “high tech epoch” to civilization somehow came before the now known ancient Egyptian Civilization. It is that Egyptian Civilization that attempted to memorialize momentos of that ancient, now forgotten period in a Temple built thousands of years after its predecessor’s mysterious disappearance, and thousands of years before its eventual descovery, today.

Compliments of The Enterprise Mission