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Choosing the Toilet: What You Need to Know

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Did you know that during the lifetime, an average person flushes the toilet 140,000 times? Also, did you know that it utilizes around 30% of your home’s water use? We believe this to be reason enough for you to be very careful when looking to replace the old toilet in your bathroom.

You are probably already familiar with some common ones, but you should know that nowadays there are some new ones that are not only better but that is also going to help you save a lot of money. If you have already started researching you might have come across best Toto toilets, and if you want to learn more about these, read this guide. Buying a new one is much more than just going to a store and picking one. You have to consider many different things, and in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important ones.

Take the measurements

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So the very first thing that you have to do, before starting your hunt, is to calculate the approximate size of the toilet. How to do this? Well, by measuring the size of the bathroom and the available space where you are going to put it.

Knowing what size of the bowl you need is largely going to help you find the best one for you. There is no point in buying one if it isn’t going to fit, right? You should measure the space from the wall to the center of the bolt, and also, if your bathroom is quite small, then you should measure the space around the bowl. Not only do you have to ensure that it is going to fit, but also you have to be certain that you are going to have enough room for other things in your bathroom, even smaller items like a laundry basket.

Research different types

Now that you know the approximate size, it is time to learn more about different types of toilets. The most distinct decision is between one-piece and two-piece models. When it comes to the first one, the tank and the toilet are connected, and on the other hand, as you can imagine, in the latter one, they are not.

Keep in mind the two-piece models are more common which is why they are usually cheaper than the one-piece. In addition, you have another option and that it the new age intelligent ones that have a lot of super cool features such as a self-cleaning function or heated seat. However, these can be quite expensive, as it is to be expected.

What bowl to choose?

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Next on, there are different sizes and shapes of bowls and seats. Each one of them has its pros and cons so it all comes down to your personal choice. When it comes to the shape, you can choose between elongated which are more comfortable or round ones that take less space.

Furthermore, think about the height of the seat. Clearly, this is something that completely depends on you and your family members. If you have small children, you should probably opt for the standard height of 14 – 15 inches. On the other hand, if you have a senior living with you and they have some form of disability, you should definitely consider getting The Comfort Height toilet which is a bit higher.

Inquire about the flushing system

As already mentioned, the toilet can use a large amount of water, which is why you have to find the one that is cost-efficient. Most people assume that less the water it uses the less powerful it is, but oftentimes this is not true. The key is to find the perfect balance – something that is powerful enough to prevent clogging but that, at the same time, uses a reasonable quantity of water. Here you have got a few options:

The most common type is the single flush that uses between 1 and 1.5 gallons of water. Due to the fact that this one is the most popular one, it comes in different shapes, colors, and designs for you to choose from.

As you can imagine the double flush can use either .6 or 1.5 gallons depending on whether you have chosen the light or the heavy flush. By pressing on the right button you get to determine whether the entire tank or only half of it is going to be released. Since these can save a lot of water, they are considered to be eco-friendly. Yes, this investment is quite significant, but you will see that it will pay off in the long run.

Your final option is the one with a touchless flush. This one has a sensor eye and all you have to do is to wave your hand in front of it. If you are a germophobe then you should definitely get this one. Since there is no need to touch anything in order to flush, you are not going to come in contact with bacteria, and this is why this type is usually used in public spaces such as restaurants and gas stations.

Additional features

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Before making a purchase, you should consider some other features that you might need. We have already mentioned the self-cleaning aspect and heated seat, but you can also find a model that has antibacterial glaze finish that is going to stop the development of bacteria inside the bowl.

What’s more, if you are tired of fighting about the seat not being put down, you can also find a model that has the special feature of automatically returning the seat down without that annoying sound.

What is the price?

Finally, the last thing you have to consider is cost. The price of new toilets can vary anywhere between $100 for some common ones to over $5,000 for ‘intelligent’ ones. Obviously, different features affect the price, so you should really think about what you really need just in order to save some money.

Our advice is to make a list of the details according to this list in order to have a general idea of what you are looking for. Then you can investigate the price of it and decided whether you can afford it or not.