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Carrier Oils | How To Choose Carrier Oils For Under Eye Skin?

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What are carrier oils?

The skin as the outer covering of the human body deserves utmost care and attention. Carrier oils for skin of different types are effective for promoting smoother skin. Before you learn how to choose carrier oils for the skin, you should know what carrier oils are. The vegetable oil from the fatty portion of a plant’s seed, kernels and nuts is called carrier oil. Carrier oils are popular because of their medicinal value and are used in as the ingredients of top rated anti-aging eye creams and serums.

Best Carrier Oils for Radiant Skin & Benefits

  • Coconut oil
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The carrier oils from coconuts are good moisturizing agents with antimicrobial potency. This oil is a medium chain fatty acid that works like natural sebum secretion. In most homes, the use of coconut oils has been effective for killing bacteria and viruses. The smell of coconut is stronger in unrefined coconut oil than the mixed oil. More you get clearer complexion and fewer breakouts by using carrier oils from coconut that solidifies at 76 degrees.

A popped pimple heals faster with the dabs of coconut oil. There are some DIY methods of extracting coconut oils before they are used in body care products. All skin types enjoy some relief with the use of coconut oils.

  • Almond Sweet oil
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Most cosmetologists recommend the use of Almond Sweet oil because of its nourishing properties and texture. For aromatherapy sessions, the Almond Sweet oil is used for body massage. The skin is sensitive to what it contacts; the use of Almond Sweet oil will bring nourishment and protection to the skin.

  • Avocado oil
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The visible content of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants produce carrier oils in pure form. Each drop of the liquid is rich in antioxidants, and many people use this oil as a great moisturizer. Avocado oil helps increase collagen and seeps deep into the skin for nourishment. There are many beauty enthusiasts using avocado oil with other carrier oils. Also, they make lotions, body scrub, and soaps, especially for very dry skin.

  • Olive oil
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Olive in the Mediterranean diet has medicinal worth and gives flavor. Olive oil is one of the most popular oils that provide enviable skin care. Consumers that have allergies from seeds and nuts oil can find the avocado oil suitable for use. With a rich golden color, and a strong aroma olive oils are useful.

  • Moringa oil
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Moringa is a plant that promotes wellness, and it’s well known for being a versatile medicine. Moringa oil that provides great nourishing qualities and moisturizing benefits are rich in vitamins A and C, oleic and palmitic acids. The Moringa oil is lighter than olive oil, potent, and a natural antioxidant.

  • Wheatgerm oil
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The plant-based wheatgerm oil is great for massage therapy but too concentrated in volume. To avoid irritation to your skin and enjoy the benefits of wheat germ oils, mix wheat germ oil with the massage blends. The extra nourishment and vitamin E that wheat germ oils bring to dry skin are amazing.

  • Tamanu oil
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Tamanu oil contains high concentrations essential in this carrier oil is restorative to the cells of the skin. The healing Tamanu oil works for all types of skin with a pleasant smell. There are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant benefits in the green Tamanu oils.

  • Jojoba oil
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The use of Jojoba oil in the spa is easily noticeable because of the unique natural scent. Interestingly Jojoba oils contain anti-inflammatory effects and solidify at room temperature. This oil is good for breaking down excess sebum as a liquid plant wax with complex molecular structure. The human skin has its natural lubricant (sebum) which is like Jojoba oil the ideal facial oil. The versatility of Jojoba oil extends to blocked-pores cleansing, glowing complexion, using in anti aging eye creams like Eyevage and can be mixed with another carrier for massage. It is very well complimented as one of the Eyevage ingredients.

  • Apricot Kernel Oil
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Apricot Kernel Oils are rich in A and E vitamins and bring a soothing relief on aging skins. Many fitness enthusiasts have to use the Apricot Kernel oil to treat pains by smearing into the skin without leftovers of oil. Eyevage reviews are evident that dermatologist prefer to use Apricot Kernel oils for their sensitive under eye skin to get rid of wrinkles and dark crow’s feet.

  • Black Seed oil
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When you are looking for essential fatty acids and unsaturated oils to buy, black seed oil is the wisest choice. This carrier oil helps with joint, muscle relaxation, deep moisturizing, and glowing skin. What consumers like about the black seed oil is after use, they don’t experience greasy skin feeling.

Medium of absorption

With the use of carrier oils, essential oils are diluted before applying it to your skin. This means carrier oils act as the base for “moving” the essential oil that forms a mix. To properly dilute the essential oil, a reasonable content of carrier oils should be used to dilute. Apart from skin texture, the benefits are for muscle relaxation, rejuvenation of dry skin cells, and many more.

You will find a huge number of carrier oils to buy, but it is better to know what suits your purpose. The basic ingredients are safe for use since they are from natural sources. Carrier oils range in color since they come from different natural sources. It is common to find clear coconut oil, fractionated avocado oil, and dark avocado oil in the marketplace.

When carrier oil mixed with essential oils is applied to the human skin, there is protection against redness and irritation that would have come from using raw essential oils on the skin. Just as Aloe Vera gel uses body lotions as carriers; concentrated aromatics and absolutes should be mixed prior topical application. The concentration of diluting oil is important. Initially, you need a conservative portion of carrier oils to mix, add later as you as needed.

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How to Choose Carrier Oils

When you need carrier oils for a quiet body massage; sweet almond oil would be an ideal choice, but it would not necessarily be the very best carrier. To decide the best carrier oils that suit your face find the ones that contain vitamins and essential fatty acids that tackle wrinkles and nourish the skin. The face often leaves an impression on the consciousness of onlookers, use moringa and jojoba oils; they contain essential fatty acids as great facial oils.

Women love the spa, and they are sensitive to the kind of oils that touch their skins at parlors. The use of carrier oils from wheat germ and unrefined avocado give nutrient to the body during massage sessions. The therapeutic qualities in massage oils extend to mental benefits in humans. To use these essentials oils that have heavy concentrations, mix them with carrier oils like sweet almond, peach and apricot oils. The carrier oils serve as a medium to transport these essential oils to the sebaceous layer of the skin.

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Difference between Essential and Carrier Oils

Besides that, they are fluid content, carrier oils have unique smell and colors. They have a long shelf life and are different from essential oils. In the study of aromatherapy, the term, ‘carrier’ denotes ‘transporter’.

The botanical use of vegetable oils in natural skin comes with rewarding benefits. More so, animal-based oils are not suitable aromatherapy practice.

Essential oils are from the distillation of roots, barks, leaves, and other aromatic portions of a tree. They are more concentrated than carrier oils, that’s why diluting is required. The concentration of essential oils’ is higher than carrier oils, and they evaporate. Essential oils do not go rancid over time, rather they “oxidize” and fail to contain any therapeutic benefits.

However, carrier oils come from the fatty portions of plants (seeds, kernels, nuts) by pressing. Carrier oils don’t evaporate, their aroma concentration is low, and they go rancid over time. All animal-based oils are different from carrier oils, and essential oils because they are from the non-plant source.

The Emu bird produces emu oil, and marine oils come from fish. These animal type of oil is called base or fixed oil. Many people ask questions about skin and hair care after they use aromatherapy means for treatment. They become so interested in how they look and how their appearances can improve.

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How to mix Carrier oils with Essential for soothing skin

To mix, use 12 drops of essential oil with 30 ml (one fluid ounce) of carrier oil, and massage the surface of the skin. It is safe for adults to achieve a 2% dilution. Consequently, 1 fl. oz. of carrier mixes well with 6 drops of essential oils; this is 1% dilution. There is a recommendation of 1% dilution for older people and children with sensitive skin. It is important to reduce the portion of mix and increase in specific proportions. This tip helps you know how to choose your carrier oil for wrinkle smoothing.