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What Are the Advantages of Using Phenolic Products?

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Phenolic products are becoming more common in the world of fiberglass. As contractors look for options to increase worker safety in the construction of fiberglass reinforced plastic products, they find that phenolic properties offer many benefits in terms of breathability and overall construction safety. In the sections that follow, we will outline some of the most important benefits of a phenolic component investment.

Heat Resistant up to 300 Degrees

Fiberglass is typically hardy. However, heat can sometimes play a damaging role. Let’s say that you are using a fiberglass conduit to house an underground power bank and the bank begins to overheat. By the time you discover the problem and take corrective action, your conduit system is also damaged by the heat that built up inside of it.

Phenolic fiberglass, which is popular among phenolic products, conduit is resistant to up to 300 degrees F. This means you have more time to detect and correct issues before risking damage to the conduit itself.

Corrosion Resistant

Phenolic fiberglass conduits are more resistant to the natural corrosive properties of the dirt, water, and other elemental figures that come into play with underground systems. This means lower maintenance requirements and longer-lasting durability.

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This is true not only for the conduit but for the power bank or data system it houses, as well. When the shell of the conduit is intact, the precious materials inside are safer.

Less Toxic Emissions

Toxic emissions from the construction of fiberglass conduits can be dangerous to contractors. This is such a problem that the EPA has created standards for fiberglass construction, which can sometimes be difficult to maintain.

Using phenolic fiberglass in your conduit construction will reduce these emissions greatly, allowing you to fall well within EPA guidelines. It will also protect the safety of your contractors.

Low Smoke Index

Speaking of the safety of contractors, you must also always be on the lookout for the risks associated with smoke inhalation. Smoke has the potential to seriously impact the health of those who breathe it in great quantities or on a regular basis.

The danger of smoke inhalation is compounded by the fact that you sometimes can’t smell or see the smoke you are breathing in. Fine particles in the air as a result of burning materials can be inhaled without people noticing, settling into the lungs and creating major issues.

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Smoke inhalation has been linked to lung cancer, heart valve issues, asthma, and strokes. Phenolic fiberglass emits less smoke than other materials, making conduit construction a safer process for everyone involved.

Phenolic Fiberglass Is the Safest Option Yet

When you consider all the benefits of using phenolic fiberglass in conduit manufacturing, it’s hard to see any reason why you wouldn’t opt for the safer component. Take a look at your phenolic fiberglass options and make it a part of your conduit plan from the start. You’ll be happy you did.