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Avi Benezra Made Some Major Contributions To AI 


Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make our lives better in the long run. With tremendous potential just waiting to be developed, AI has seen a lot of improvement in the past 20 years since the first inception. It was all 0’s and 1’s in the early days, but nowadays, AI is developed into applications that have access to data which makes operating increasingly convenient.

With the increase of web-based applications, the need for user experience and simplified workforce has been the driving factor for many entrepreneurs. And these things are expected to significantly increase in the time to come, with AI probably having the most impact.


AI technologies are being developed as we speak, with one person directly responsible for creating the world’s leading marketplace for chatbots, and that man is Avi Benezra. Avi Benezra, the CTO, and cofounder of SnatchBot is very keen on further research into AI. His meaningful insight on the topic of AI can greatly help businesses, and his chatbot project has shown results already.

Chatbots have started revolutionizing the way artificial intelligence operates along with robotics process automation (ARP), and the benefits are already visible in Europe. To put it in simple terms, chatbots revolutionize the way we deploy technologies.

His AI technology firstly started in his home country, Israel, and France, and it is slowly being embraced worldwide in multiple languages.

What Are Chatbots?


Most of the commercially available chatbots fall into two distinctive categories. You have the widely popular “messenger” chatbots that brands and businesses use to a great extent. These messenger apps, such as Facebook Messenger, offer brands and businesses the option of being online 24 hours a day, according to Avi Benezra. This means that brands and businesses can provide an excellent and quality level of customer support to every person in the world, regardless of time difference. Chatbots also offer businesses and brands the option of instant reply, in a bid to quickly solve problems and answer questions. However, these chatbots, despite being impressive, are limited by their programming in regards to interacting with customers.

The other category of chatbots comes in the form of virtual assistant chatbots, which help users with many tasks. These tasks are closely related to remembering things such as essential shopping purchases, scheduling, and information gathering. The most popular ones are Google’s Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Cortana from Microsoft.

AI Directly Impacts The Economy and Protects Data


According to Avi Ben Ezra, countries, where AI technology and chatbots have been adopted, have seen a significant rise in employment. This directly, as of now, disregards the fears of a possible takeover from AI – queue Terminator images. AI is proving to be very beneficial in the way people find jobs, and it has been an effective solution for countries with an aging population.

France is a clear example, says Mr. Benezra, in how AI positively impacts the economy. Since France outsources quite a lot of its customer service jobs to French-speaking African countries, this paves the way for an inflow of high-paying jobs in France. Furthermore, chatbots are extremely safe, even safer than humans, in the sense that Mr. Benezra’s chatbots have prevented quite a lot of credit card frauds and cyberextortion. This ultimately means that chatbots positively impact the GDPR, which was one of the areas that people feared the most.