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The Right Way to Ask for Help at Work

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Work is the place where you always need to be concentrated, serious and ready to solve any task that will be given to you. However, this is possible only in a parallel universe. Each of us is human, not a robot. Everyone has unlucky days when even basic things do not work out. It is at such moments that we just need the support and help of colleagues. But, how to ask for help so as not to irritate them? We suggest considering several ways of how to act correctly in such situations.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help, But Do It Right

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It’s not a shame to ask for help. This is the first fact that everyone needs to remember, especially asking for help from their work team. It is important to understand that you are doing one common work with them. And a good result will depend on each link in this chain.

The second fact is how to do it right. You have to remember that this is not a kindergarten where you can have a tantrum when something doesn’t work out, and the adults will come to calm you down, no. So, let’s consider how to contact your employees for help.

Speak Openly and Calmly

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Not so many people want to see performances in the drama format at the workplace. Working time is a hard period for everyone. It is a time of concentration on thoughts exclusively about working moments.

And now imagine that your thoughts are abruptly interrupted by a hot and emotional story that someone is feeling so sad there and cannot cope with something. It is unlikely that this will cause sympathy, rather irritability and hostility.

Therefore, remember, if you need help, then all that you have to do is approach a person who is able to help you and briefly outline your situation. However, first of all, it will be appropriate to ask a person whether it is convenient for him or her to listen to you. Be polite and you will receive the reciprocate.

Be Polite to the Person Whom You Ask for Help

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Remember that it is you need help, not your employer or any other team member. And, in this case, your main weapon is politeness. Show the person that you really need him or her help, and he/she certainly will not be able to ignore your request. Too often people come for help, but they behave very arrogantly as if they are doing a favor only by their presence. Do not make such mistakes, otherwise, none of the employees will want to help you anymore. Contact people the way you would like to see from them as well.

It is also important to remember that all people are different, and each person needs own approach. However, no matter how difficult the day is, adequate perception of the situation, lack of panic, and analysis of what is happening will help to really assess the situation and find a solution. And it doesn’t matter if you do it by yourself or handle it with outside help.


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Interaction is the key to success. And teamwork is able to make real miracles and achieve truly great breakthroughs in any of the areas of activity. If you encounter difficulties at work, do not keep everything inside. Accumulation of problems can lead to stress and even more hard consequences. As we know, stress is the enemy of productivity. And what more importantly, is not an easy task to cope with stress without harming your health.

Therefore, plunging into your own problems that you cannot cope with at work, you endanger not only yourself and your health, but also the work of the entire team. That is why it is important to be able to establish communication with the people with whom you work.

It’s also important to remember that employees can also turn to you for help. And at such moments, remember about moments when you needed help and do not refuse to provide it. However, if you can’t help in the situation because you don’t know how then it’s better to say so bluntly that the person does not be angry at you.