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Visiting Maui, Hawaii: Best Sites


If you think that taking a trip to Maui is only about the mornings at the beach and afternoons by the hotel pool, think again. The second most visited Hawaii island is filled with top-notch restaurants, distinctive culture and beautiful nature to make for a vacation that you will never forget. From exploring all the delicious and local food shops like shave ice or loco moco to getting behind the wheel and making the epic journey along the road to Hana. So if you want to know which places in Maui are a must-see, make sure you read our article until the end.

Road to Hana


The 60-mile road to Hana is one of the prettiest drives in the world, let alone Hawaii. While the road can be pretty narrow and winding who makes the drive are rewarded with amazing waterfalls, mesmerizing ocean views, wild birds and out of this world plants. To make it a real road trip you can stop at one of the various snack shacks along the road for some ice cream or banana bread.

Since Maui’s public transport and taxis are not as common as you would expect, you should probably rent a car if you want to visit all these beautiful sites we are going to list. If you are looking for a good place to rent a car, we recommend you check out cruisinmaui.com

Old Lahaina Luau


You can’t go to Maui without going to a luau. While some of them can be too touristy for you, one of Maui’s best is the traditionally focused Old Lahaina Luau. Arrive early if you want to mingle with their mai tais and get sit in front of the fire pit if you want the best view when they pull the roasted pig from the coal pit that is buried underground. Make sure you book ahead of time because reservations fill up early.

Haleakala Crater


Haleakala Crater is probably the most beautiful place where you can watch the sunrise. It is also where the demigod Maui lassoed the sun (if you are interested in Hawaiian mythology). The volcano’s multicolored hues of the sweeping brown, green-colored, red and black crater make for a perfect contrast with the Hawaiian sunrise. After the sunrise, you can continue your morning by following one of the many trails in the park. One of the most favorited is the Pipiwai, which leads to the Waimoku Falls.

The Seven Sacred Pools


The pools of Oheo’o, also known as the seven sacred pools is the waterfall swimming experience of everyone’s dreams. A series of waterfalls and pools surrounded by a rich rainforest that leads out into the ocean on the south-east coast of Maui. However, you should probably check online if the pools are open since they are often closed because of slippery conditions and landslides.

Maluaka Beach


While you can find sea turtles at almost any beaches in Maui, they are most commonly found at Maluaka Beach. Referred to as the “turtle town” this beach is popular for its very high population of Hawaiian green sea turtles. While these turtles are named green turtles, they are actually a darker brown color and can usually be mistaken as rocks on the beach, so keep your eyes open.