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Andy Milonakis Bio, Career and Net Worth

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Andy Milonakis is a comedian, streamer, writer, actor, and rapper. He has appeared in a number of TV shows, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Kroll Show,” and “The Andy Milonakis Show.” You probably know him for his growth hormone deficiency, which makes the 42-year-old appearance resemble an adolescent boy. Andy used to be bullied at school and took up comedy as a defense mechanism. As his popularity only continues to grow, we’ve decided to share everything there is to know about Any Milokanis, including his biography, career, and net worth.


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Andrew Michael Milonakis was born on January 30, 1976, in Katonah, New York. He was born with a congenital growth hormone deficiency which makes him look like an adolescent boy. Andy Milonakis was raised in Westchester and attended John Jay High School in Cross River, New York. He used to be bullied in school so he started using humor as a defense mechanism. Nothing much about his personal life is known, but he often jokes about marriage.

As a result of being bullied during high school, he quit his research and pursued music and performances. The 43-year-old comedian suffers from a growth hormone deficiency genetic disease. Hence, besides being older, he still looks and smells like a teenager. Nevertheless, he never accepted his illness as a handicap. Instead, he focused on his funny nature and became one of America’s most famous actors.


Andy Milonakis first started his comedy career while he was still in school as a way to defend himself from being intimidated. After graduating from high school, Andy first began working at a local accounting firm as a tech-supporter.

However, his professional career started in 2003 when he recorded, “The Super Bowl Is Gay” video. So, instead of going to a Super Bowl Event, Andy decided to film a video and post it on the AngryNakedPat.com platform. His video went viral and he immediately rose to fame. With this video, he even attracted the attention of one of the ABC program authors who introduced him to the after-hours program, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Andy’s music career started when he uploaded a rap song, titled “The Andy Milonakis Rap” on YouTube. Then, he joined a rap troop, called “Three Loco,” together with Triff Raff and Dirt Nasty. In 2009, Any Milonakis released his solo album, “Hot Soup.”

Last year he revealed that he would join The Baited Podcast association with his fellow YouTubers, including Keemstar, Colossal and Anything4views. Additionally, Andy has also released a number of singles, such as “Let Me Twitter Dat 2009,” “Lemonade Bubble Gum 2010,” “Red Lean Purple Lean 2011,” “Spaghetti, Worst Day 2013,” and “Tokyo Trap House.”

Likewise, in 2005 he made his acting debut with Waiting. He also appeared in other TV shows, including “Dumbbells” in 2014 and “Hallowed” in 2016. Andy is currently hosting “Future-Worm” which he has started since 2016.

Andy Milonakis Net Worth

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It has been estimated that Andy Milonakis’s net worth stands at $3.5 million as of 2019. He has accumulated his fortune by appearing on television shows, from his music earning, and from his world as an actor and voice actor. His hilarious shows have helped him gross such net worth fortune. Likewise, Andy earns from $61 to $973 monthly and from $730 to $11.7k annually from his YouTube channel. In fact, he receives an average annual salary of $275,000 from his film positions and videos.

Andy Milonakis owns a number of cars, including Cadillac ATS and Buick Buick Cascada worth about $73k and $86k respectively, as well as, a 7905 sqft mansion, which is worth about $5.93 million.