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20 Classic Tips from the 1950’s to Save Money, Trouble and Time

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As our environment and equipment evolve into more innovative and contemporary versions, there are also a ton of stuff that we chose to leave behind the pre-historic age such as typewriter hacks, sewing machine tips, and a lot more.

In fact, there are many tips from the ancient times that we can still apply up until today. It may sound hilarious and dubious, but there’s no harm in trying right?

Have you been frustrated in saving money, and you already have consulted the YouTube about tips from the successful ones, but end up nothing to save at all? I’ve got you, buddy, here are useful tips from our great grandparents that might solve your financial problems.

Raisins, fresh honey, and peanut butter actually make a good sandwich.

If your dining table shoos away the good ambiance and mood of your dinner, try using ivy leaves as your indoor plant. You can put it in small pots to refresh the ambiance. Not only it adds and helps set the mood, but it can be great for special occasions. Use a white mark for better and creative results.

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Don’t have an iron while traveling? Sick of a wrinkled necktie? Problem solved! Just put it in between the pages of a magazine, and you’re good to go!

When you’re decorating your house and you want to put up a beautiful frame, use a moistened finger to mark the spot where you have to put the nail.

The vinegar can also be a good helping hand in the kitchen since it helps make the dishes sparkling clean. Add to that, it can prevent sore throat if you gargle it when you feel that your throat is beginning to itch. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to unclog your sink.

If you’re tired of your dull drink, try freezing oranges, grapefruit, and maraschino cherries. It adds color and makes every drink tempting to taste.

Tie your house key for easier access. Try tying the end cord to the key then the other end to your handbag. Surely, it won’t be hard to find.

When you use a muffin pan for baking potatoes, it won’t be a headache for you since the potato will stay in its place. It is also easier to remove from the pan, unlike the other ones.

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A mason jar is a good container for storing ice cubes since it slows down the melting process when it turns to liquid. You’ll have a great drinking water jar.

When hard times occur especially during special occasions and your desserts isn’t deliciously inviting, put melted marshmallows on your cupcakes. You can never go wrong with s’mores. It will definitely make your dessert the star of the dinner table.

Small tears from your precious curtains can still be mended with a colorless polish. There is no need to buy new ones.

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Aside from the usability of a wire violin or music string for entertainment and to give good harmony, this becomes useful too if your cheese cutter breaks. It’s a good substitute if you don’t want to buy a new one. Make sure that you clean it well afterward.

A piece of wood furniture is definitely expensive and vulnerable for tiny scratch and punctures, especially when it’s made from the mahogany tree. Worry no more, because iodine is good in hiding all these unwanted and unpleasant scratches. Moreover, iodine is less expensive than furniture.

When you’re currently remodeling your basement, and you have old wooden panels, use them to make an attractive picture frame. Try it!

Eating a variety of vegetable to make a healthy salad is best consumed when added a freshly squeezed lemon juice. It adds more flavor to the bland vegetable salad.
Compared to the traditional nylon thread we often use, dental floss makes a good substitute, because it will last longer.

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Want your ladles and thongs readily available when cooking? Install a magnet strip nearby. This way, you can easily stick your ladle on it when you are not using it. It’s very convenient for those who love cooking.

The leaves outside the lettuce contain more nutrients and vitamins compared to the ones inside this green vegetable. That’s why it’s advisable not to strip everything so you can still benefit from it.

Avoid losing your ring, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry when in the sink. Simply install a hook. This will also prevent sink clogging due to a piece of jewelry accidentally falling into the drain.