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Who Are The Greatest Inventors of Our Time?

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We wouldn’t be living in the world we live today if it wasn’t for the great people throughout history to aid our growth with their inventions. These people were considered much smarter than the average human, and we are going to single out some of them, along with their most famous inventions, to give you a better understanding of who they are.

These people along with their inventions shaped the course of mankind.

1. Thales of Miletus

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If it wasn’t for Thales of Miletus, we wouldn’t be living in the world we live in today. Thales lived in 6th century BC, and he is considered to be the father of modern Western philosophy. He was the first person to explain natural phenomena without having to link it to mythology. Thales can be considered one of the first scientist, as he was the first one to successfully manage to measure the distance to a ship at sea.

2. Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most famous artists and visionary of the Renaissance period. However, one thing that Leonardo was pretty good at was engineering. Leonardo was the first person to come up with the concept of the helicopter and the battle tank. He was an all-around genius and his impact in Renaissance engineering was the starting point towards many of modern day inventions such as the submarines and even robots.

3. Archimedes

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Another engineer on our list, Archimedes was one of the most influential people of the 3rd century BC. His engineering mind was responsible for inventing the pulley, the lever, the catapult, cog, and of course, the Archimedes screw. Very little is known of his personal life, however, much of his work stands as the pillar towards the teachings of fluid mechanics.

4. Louis Pasteur and Alexander Fleming

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Millions of people own their lives to these two brilliant minds. Louis Pasteur was the first microbiologist and he is most famous for inventing the vaccine and pasteurization. Alexander Fleming, his comrade in crime across the English Channel, was the first person to discover penicillin, and he is the founder of antibiotics. Both Pasteur and Fleming have saved millions of lives due to their inventions, they are both pioneers of modern day medicine, and they were the first ones to set their goal towards the eradication of viruses and bacteria.

5. Nikola Tesla

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Arguably one of the greatest minds ever to set foot on our Earth, Nikola Tesla was a person who always loved to fix things that were broken and come up with amazing inventing ideas to aid humanity. Nikola Tesla is responsible for coming up with alternating current, modern electric motor, remote-controlled boats (amazing), and it is even rumored that he was the first one to invent radar technology and wireless communications. Nikola Tesla’s life is one of many truths, and it would take far more than a few paragraphs to tell it. What needs to be said is that Thomas Edison cheated Tesla, never paid him for what he was worth, and for his inventions. Thomas Edison stole Tesla’s inventions and while Nikola Tesla was a very humble man, his life is a tragic one. At the end of his life, Tesla died alone and a broken man. In the modern day, Thomas Edison is seen as the greatest inventor that ever lived, while smart people recognize Nikola Tesla’s work, and is considered as a modern-day cult hero.