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What Are the Greatest Modern Day Inventions?

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There have been brilliant people throughout history that have guided humanity and are responsible for many of the fine things we use today. These people have contributed to much of the technology we use in the 21st century.

Inventions such as the wheel, the compass, paper, gunpowder, electricity, the steam engine, and vaccines (to name a few) are the things that have propelled humanity throughout the ages. However, what are the greatest modern day inventions?

What are these inventions, what are they used for, how have they contributed towards humanity? And plenty of modern inventions can help you with your business. Stick with us because we will see some inventions that shaped this world.

1.The Electric Dynamo

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The concept of electricity and its relationship with lightning was displayed to us by Benjamin Franklin. However, it wasn’t until Michael Faraday invented the Electric Dynamo that really opened scientist’s minds to the concept of practical use of electricity. The electric dynamo opened the path towards many of today’s electrical machines. The electric dynamo was particularly used in power stations to generate electricity for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes.

2. Analytical Engine, The Computer

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The alpha version of the modern day computer was developed in the 1860s by Charles Babbage. The Analytical Engine had the potential to be programmed, and because of it, it had the potential to calculate. This was the first experimental computer, and it won’t be until 1940 that we see a better, more improved version of it.

3. Pasteurization

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It was due to the invention of pasteurization in 1864 by Louis Pasteur that we owe so much of our lives today. Louis Pasteur invented the vaccine, and pasteurization was used to prevent the growth of bacteria in many common substances in that time such as wine, milk, and beer. Pasteurization made drinking these beverages safer and saved millions of lives.

4. The Telephone

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The telephone was invented in 1876 by Scotsman Alexander- Graham Bell. Bell himself was a teacher for deaf people at Boston University, and it was during his research to teach the deaf that he came up with it. He experimented with the transmitting of sound via electricity and applied for a patent on March 7, the same year. He had much time on his hands and spent many nights trying to perfect the concept of the Telephone. After three days since applying for the patent, he demonstrated his invention to his peers by speaking the famous words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.”

5. The Light bulb

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Contrary to what many of you know, the Light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison managed to purchase the patent from Hendy Woodward and Matthey Evans in 1880 and tweak it up a little. The first Light bulb was invented by Joseph Swan in 1879, but he struggled to maintain the power source and the filament burned out fast.

6. The Bicycle

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The bicycle was then known as the velocipede, and the first and most popular one was the Penny Farthing. However, major strides were made when the chain was introduced to link the pedals to the back wheel, enabling higher speeds without having to rely on the huge wheels, like the ones on the Penny Farthing. These bikes were later perfected and the Rover Safety model was introduced to the public by John Kemp Starley.

In the end, there’s not much to say, but I would bet the most exciting ones to look forward to are Virtual reality and AI. Inventing new things is a business of its own. It is hard work, but it definitely pays off to invest your time and money into coming up with the new stuff.