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What to do When Visiting Reading

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Reading is a multicultural city located in the south of England, close to London, with a population of 330.000.

Reading is home to the very famous Reading Festival, which is the largest musical gathering in the United Kingdom.

Reading is also home to a very famous English football team, Reading FC, and a rugby union club, London Irish. Reading is a town with great cultural and historical heritage, with lots of museums, art exhibits, historic sites, and many more.

In this article, we have compiled the best things you can do while visiting Reading.

1. Basildon Park

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Owned by the National Trust, Basildon Park is an estate saved from demolition, which was later revived and is now a stunning Georgian mansion. The area itself is surrounded by parklands and was even a host to glamorous parties in the 1950s. Part of the area itself are the magnificent gardens, which have been restored and act as tourist attractions.

2. Beale Park

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Beale Park is located 6 miles from Reading and it opens from 11th February until 3rd of November. Situated on the river Thames, Beale Park is home to small exotic animals, as well as, farm animals and various types of birds.  The whole area covers 350 acres, and was given by the owner, Gilbert Beale, to the people, and was later converted into a wildlife attraction site.

3. Escape Rooms

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Many tourists fly from all over Europe to see the famous Escape Rooms in Reading. The closest airport to Reading is London Gatwick airport, and from there you can easily travel to Reading with Taxi Airport Transfers Reading. Reading is famous to three escape rooms, all different, and all creepy in their own way.

Escape Reading is the first one and there are a lot of rooms to choose from, all unique in their own way. From Bank Robbery to Library Crack, these escape rooms are designed to turn your blood cold.

4. Stanlake Park Wine Estate

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One of the largest vineyards in the entire Berkshire, located between Reading and London, Stanlake Park Wine Estate is home to some award-winning English wines. They offer public tours throughout the year and they produce some of the finest wine in the entire British isle. The tours themselves last a couple of hours, usually two and a half, and they give you the chance to taste some exquisite wines while you’re there.

5. Silchester Roman City Walls and Amphitheatre

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One of the best examples of Roman walls in the entirety of Britain, Silchester Roman Amphitheatre is a 7th-century historic site and abandoned amphitheater that is preserved as part of British living. The entire site is run and maintained by heritage charities and they are free to visit for everyone. They are mostly open between April to September, and from October to March.

6. Reading Museum

source: readingmuseum.org.uk

Reading is home to a lot of attractions that charge no fee to visit, although they rely on donations, volunteering, and sponsorships. Such is the case with the famous Reading Museum, which has a wide range of exhibitions, dating back to the first Celtic people, and they are a regular visit destination to schools from all around the country.