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What Happens If You Slip and Fall on a Cruise?

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One of the most abundant injuries that occur on cruise ships are falls. It is something that nobody thinks of when they are about to embark on their vacation. Many crew members on the ships also don’t think about what happens if you happen to slip and fall on a cruise ship. This is something that everyone who is planning on traveling on a cruise ship for any reason should be aware of.

There are many reasons that a fall occurs. It could be on top deck due to weather, on the pool deck, spilled food and drinks or even damaged flooring of the ship.

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Prevention For Falls

The United States has laws in effect and place about slips and falls on cruise ships. They demand that all ships have slip and fall resistance flooring in place. This helps with the falls, but it is surprising to see the number of falls that still occur. Yet, these may not always be in place during a fall.

What to do If You Fall on a Cruise

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If you happen to fall on a cruise ship, then there are certain things that you should make sure you do. The first thing to do would be to document everything.

Make sure to write down the date and time and how the accident happened. Next, take pictures of the accident. The more proof and information you have of the accident, the better case you have.

If there were any witnesses to the accident then get their names and information. Remember that cruise lines will do what they have to stop you from filing a case against them. This is true even if it is their fault the accident occurred. They may try to have you sign a waiver. They will also try to make it impossible for you to get any information from witnesses who were crew members.

Many times crew members are hard to find after the cruise is over. Follow through on your own as well, even if they offer help.

Inspection and Experience

The first thing to do is to contact an attorney. There are some places such as Florida where many attorneys specialize in this area of the law.

Finding a Tampa personal injury attorney should be easy. It’s important to do some research to find one that’s experienced for your predicament. After you have found the attorney to use, they will look over the case. If the attorney finds that you have a case, then they will do an inspection of the ship. They will inspect not only where your accident occurred, but the whole ship as a whole. This will give them a better understanding of the next steps to take.

Your attorney will know what steps to take to file a claim against the cruise line for the fall. Many falls occur in overcrowded areas on the ships or when embarking or disembarking the ship.

Always be careful during these times. Also, remember that the cruise lines do not want a lawsuit. This will make them look bad. They will fight you when you try to get information. Do not talk to authorities when they call.

Many of them will try to have you sign something or call you. They will try to find any information you give them to get out of the lawsuit. Instruct them to your attorney to take care of everything. That is what they are getting paid for anyway. Any Tampa personal injury attorney will take care of everything. This is to help you recuperate and get better from your ordeal.

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