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What are Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems?

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Flue gases from boilers, gas turbines and combustion generators are discharged to our environment and in most industrial plants, they are unused. However, these wasted energy resources could be harnessed by a heat recovery system from flue gas.

By transferring the thermal energy of the flue gas stream, for instance, a second, spatially separated medium can be heated and other parts can be heated as well. The system can also be used to heat different heat sources, such as water and it is completely uncomplicated. This technology can also reduce the need for heating energy for the factory or manufacturing process, and in most cases, a company can save it completely.

A conversion of this lost energy of up to 96 percent into reusable heat or even electricity increases the economy and efficiency of the entire industrial process and production. This is what makes these systems incredibly attractive, as these low-maintenance devices hardly require ant costs after implementation. Additionally, the installation of the flue gas heat exchangers is incredibly cheaper and more effective as the replacement of the whole heating system.

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To make sure that the energy is available when there is little or almost no waste heat from the flue gases, heat recovery works more effectively when in a combined system. With a combination of exhaust flow heat exchangers and heat recovery from the waste gases, which temporarily stores the energy it extracted in a tank, the full heat output is available at all times. For instance, the manufacturing process can be supported or the room temperature could be kept at an even level.

According to the experts from exodraft-heatrecovery.com, with the technology today, the exact opposite situation can be achieved. Air coolers will transfer the heat generated to a cooling medium and then it operates the air conditioning system and ensure that the temperatures in the rooms are cool during summer without the need for additional energy consumption. Solutions from exodraft can reduce an industry’s need for expensive energy by 16 percent, especially in industries that require a lot of energy, hence, companies would be able to save a lot of money.

The Functionality of Heat Recovery from Flue Gases

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A flue has heat exchanger reduce the temperature in the flue gas flow, hence, the resulting energy can be used almost loss-free with a high level of efficiency. However, the possibilities are not only limited to the use of heating water. Various manufacturing processes can require high temperatures and in most cases, thermal energy is high enough to replace the existing complex heating systems. Generally, one flue gas heat exchanger can be used for all flue gases. Hence, it does not matter if gas, oil, or an open fire is burned.


these heat recovery flue gas recovery systems are not only good for your company but will also significantly reduce the impact that these gases have on our environment. Also, you will be able to cut down on your electricity and other costs, hence, your company can benefit in various ways. So, do not waste any more time and start researching more about these amazing systems that can help your company, as well as your environment.