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veterans and occupy launch 2 new political parties


April 17, 2014

Veterans and Occupy launch 2 new Political Parties

By Mark Wachtler

April 17, 2014. (ONN) There are two new political parties in America, one launched by veterans and the other by Occupy Wall Street. Statistics show that every year, fewer and fewer voters participate in the Democratic and Republican Primaries and instead declare themselves independents like us here at Whiteout Press. Even the country’s opposition third parties are growing, including the newest two.

Image courtesy of the Veterans Party of North Carolina.

Readers may have noticed Whiteout Press doesn’t cover independent and third party politics like we used to. That isn’t because we aren’t still helping them. The fact is, we used to do everything we could to publicize the blacked-out Libertarians, Greens, Constitution and the rest. We ended up writing about them too much. So much so, we launched a separate news outlet at the end of last year to cover them exclusively – Opposition News.

We thought this was a good opportunity to reintroduce Whiteout Press readers to our other outlet again, to remind them of all the great articles they’ve been missing for the last four months. Notice we didn’t just add you to its list without your permission. We don’t do that here at Whiteout Press, apparently not even when it’s the same author, computer, desk and everything. We just don’t run that way, and we know you appreciate it. So if you want to receive Opposition News, you’ll have to subscribe.

The below is reprinted from yesterday’s Opposition News.

America currently has at least 15 active national Opposition Political Parties, led by the Greens on the left, Constitution on the right and the Libertarians in the center. But that landscape may grow this year if the nation’s two newest parties are actually able to field and run candidates, which we all know is easier said than done thanks to the system’s purposely exclusive ballot access rules.

Veterans Party of America

Anyone whose visited our ‘About Us’ section here at Opposition News knows your author/editor pledged himself to four principles more than two and a half decades ago. They are, ‘truth, justice, liberty and freedom.’ The Veterans Party seems to think along the exact same lines, as evidenced by the party’s Mission Statement printed at the top of their website’s home page.

The Veterans party mission statement reads, ‘Our mission is to place solution oriented leaders, that will not forget their oath to the Constitution, into political office so America can once again be the nation it has always been – Strong, Fair, Just. We believe in Liberty, Justice and Freedom.’ Created only four months ago, the party’s two taglines are, ‘United we stand, together we win’ and ‘A new voice, a new choice for all Americans.’

Fastest growing party in America

While news headlines recently credited the Libertarian Party with being the fastest growing political party in America from 2012 to 2014, something we at Opposition News enthusiastically tip our hat to, it seems obvious that there’s a new leader in that category. The Veterans Party of America has seen itself grow more than one-thousand-fold in just its first few months. In its first month alone, the party grew from 2 official state affiliates to having organized chapters in 43 states.

‘The founders started the National Party in their respective states of California and Florida. It was expected that a couple hundred people would be interested at the end of the first month,’ the Veterans Party website explains, ‘At the end of our first month, the Veterans Party Of America National Party Page had over 14,000 Facebook followers, 43 states with an activated State Party, the EIN received from the IRS, an approved and posted 527 status as a National Political Party, a full Executive Committee formed, and the Party Constitution and Party By Laws passed without opposition by the National Executive Committee.’

Is this author the only one standing here with my mouth hanging open, completely in awe of what this group of battle-hardened veterans has accomplished in just four short months? It’s no secret that America’s veterans have more to be angry and frustrated about than almost anyone, as our sister publication Whiteout Press publicizes every chance we get. The question will be, can they attract enough non-veteran members to have an impact? Based on the party’s campaign materials, they’re already answering that question.

The Veterans Party assures prospective members, ‘Even though our name is the Veterans Party of America, as with any other legitimate political party in the United States, there is no requirement for any member of this party to have served in the military or currently be serving on active duty, nor is there any requirement for members of this party to be associated with any military organization or facility.’

For more information on the Veterans Party, visit VeteransPartyOfAmerica.org.

The After Party USA

The second brand new opposition political party entering the ring of American politics is The After Party. Unlike the Veterans Party whose name is fairly self-explanatory, The After Party’s name has just as much meaning, albeit with a little sleuthing to figure it out. Basically, as party organizers explain to their adversaries, ‘Your party is over, Wall Street.’ In other words, the party that crashed the world’s economy was Wall Street’s. The after-party belongs to the 99 percent.

The After Party is holding its official launch event on May 2 in Detroit, Michigan. Showing their roots in the Occupy Wall Street movement, organizers will be shepherding volunteers and party members into the city from all over the country. Once there, the party will work with local community leaders to clean up the seemingly abandoned and poverty-stricken areas of the Motor City. Volunteers will distribute food to the homeless and hungry, clean up debris and garbage left by the bankrupt city, and even plant urban vegetable gardens.

Flash Mob Mutual Aid

The name of the party’s launch event and campaign is Flash Mob Mutual Aid. ‘You are needed in Detroit on May 2nd for the first Mission of the After Party – Flash Mob Mutual Aid,’ the party explains on its website, ‘We will work shoulder-to-shoulder under the guidance of local community activists to build urban gardens, clean up debris and serve food to the hungry.’

The After Party’s Manifesto page includes dozens of bullet points detailing the party’s political ideology. Much of it mirrors the philosophy and activities of Occupy Wall Street. Some of the bullet points are:

  • We are human beings
  • We live on a living planet with other living beings
  • We are not represented
  • We have been usurped by millionaires and billionaires and banks and corporations
  • Every human being is entitled to food, shelter, education, employment, and healthcare
  • We live in a toxic system based on greed and inequality

  • They have looted and continue to loot our wealth
  • They take our homes
  • They sell our privacy as data
  • They spy on us
  • They use war as a tool for economic expansion in the name of democracy
  • They imprison, torture and murder innocent civilians around the world
  • They poison our water and contaminate our food

Again, the above examples are only a small sample from the dozens of policies, platforms and ideologies the new After Party represents. They finish their list with a very Anonymous-like affirmation showing the seriousness of their efforts and their intentions to be a political force going forward, ‘This is not ironic. This is serious. This is our country. This is our planet. This is our moment. Another world is possible. We are making it. Join us.’

For more information on the After Party and its two-day launch event in Detroit on May 2, visit AfterPartyUSA.org.

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