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June 14, 2014

US to share Superpower Status with Russia, China, Germany

June 14, 2014. With Russian tanks rolling over the Ukrainian border, Jihadists sweeping across Iraq and China sinking its neighbors’ sea vessels, it’s become apparent to the world’s political experts that the days of America being the world’s lone superpower are over. But the most surprising evidence of that notion comes not from some foreign adversary, but from the American people.

Russia and China are presenting a united front against the US and the West.

Americans may not be aware of it due to the media iron curtain they’re subject to, but the rest of the world has suddenly and simultaneously been informed that the Earth’s rulers, whoever those shadowy figures are, are reordering the status of nations, especially those at the top. The already-accepted result is that the world will no longer be controlled by the United States. Instead, four nations will share the duties of ruling the Earth equally for the next phase of mankind’s existence.

World’s policeman retiring

There’s been a prediction going around ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. It was basically summed up with the words, ‘If everybody joins NATO, it defeats the purpose of its own existence.’ Sure enough, without a global adversary to keep the natural balance of global politics, the US began manufacturing wars around the world – seven according to the New Republic last month, ‘roughly one every 17 months: in Panama (1989), Iraq (1991), Somalia (1992), Haiti (1994), Bosnia (1995), Iraq again (1998), and Kosovo (1999). None were a response to perceived threats to vital national interests.’

Arguing that America’s retirement as the world’s policeman is more of a self-imposed hiatus rather than the result of a global termination notice, the conservative publication writes, ‘Today more than 50 percent of Americans believe the United States plays a less important and powerful role as a world leader than it did a decade ago. One senses that, for many Americans, this decline is not a reason for panic but comes as something of a relief.’

Wanted: global superpowers

Also addressing the discussion of America retiring as the world’s only superpower was The Guardian in the UK. The news outlet’s essay was titled, ‘Who can control the post-superpower capitalist world order?’ That title suggests the United States will not only lose its designation as the world’s only superpower, the US will also lose its prominence as the most dominant country in the West.

‘How did it come to this? The American century is over,’ The Guardian acknowledges, ‘After the attempt by the US to impose itself as the sole superpower – the universal policeman – failed, there is now the need to establish the rules of interaction between these local centers as regards their conflicting interests.’ What the authors are talking about are a handful of large nations and national blocks that are already replacing the United States on the world stage.

The publication goes on to point out a contradiction, and a major reason for the global rebellion against American rule. Using phrases like, ‘It is definitely time to teach the superpowers, old and new, some manners,’ The Guardian describes a curious reality in world politics. It seems that as the globe’s nations willingly submit to an economic one-world order based on capitalism, they are rejecting a one-world order ruling their social and political lives.

Russia, China, Germany and America

Showing how universal the conclusion is, Aljazeera joined their British and American counterparts two weeks ago with a report detailing the future of global superpowers. The first line of the essay paraphrases a centuries-old joke from Russia and China, ‘Governments, politicians and media in the Western world seem incapable of understanding geopolitical games as played by others elsewhere.’ Their first example was the recent Western shock over the Russia-China trade and monetary deal signed only weeks ago that will begin the process of removing the US Dollar as the world’s currency.

The analysts go on to explain current national confrontations as the evidence of the world’s reorganization. They argue that Ukraine is merely the battleground between Russia and Germany, and that Taiwan, the Philippines and the Korean peninsula are the battleground between China and the United States. What is emerging, they say, is a four-way superpower stalemate with Russia and China representing the East and Germany and America representing the West.

The argument suggests that tomorrow’s alliances and partnerships will be more about economics than politics. China is growing at a blinding speed and would like the US to accept its position as an equal rather than have to spend a trillion dollars fighting for it. And the US would love to continue living off of China’s credit and patronage. On the other side of the world, Russia would like to lock in Europe as a major customer of its energy resources. While Germany needs those energy resources and in turn is looking for a large consumer market, like Russia, where it can sell its manufactured goods.

‘Will such geopolitical games work? Possibly, but by no means certainly. Still, from the perspective of both Russia and China, they have everything to gain and very little to lose,’ the publication concluded, ‘The real question is how the internal debate in Germany and the United States will evolve in the near future. As for the argument that the world is returning to a cold war between the United States and Russia, think of this argument as simply the counterploy of those who understand the game that Russia and China are playing.’


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