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June 1, 2014

UCSB School Shooting False Flag accusations mount

June 1, 2014. Santa Barbara, CA. After each gun massacre lately, it seems there’s a flood of conspiracy theorists insisting the shootings are obvious false flag incidents aimed at rallying public outcry for less freedom and a ban on guns. The recent mass shooting at UC Santa Barbara by Elliot Rodger is no different. Already, there are serious questions and puzzling evidence being presented that suggests something isn’t quite right here.

A still image of Elliot Rodger from the video allegedly produced with a green screen background.

Some of the alleged evidence that the May 23rd stabbing and shooting spree that ended 10 lives was staged or faked can be easily explained. But some of the facts being brought to light raise some serious red flags regarding the legitimacy of the story, the YouTube videos, the police response and most especially the media reports. A Santa Barbara officer was just reprimanded over the Dept’s handling of the incident and false flag conspiracy accusations are beginning to flood the internet. Here’s a break-down of the alleged evidence to date.

Was the UCSB massacre a Hollywood performance?

Yesterday, The Freedom Articles sent out a warning to Americans that there is a serious credibility problem regarding the May 23rd Santa Barbara massacre. We at Whiteout Press examined the evidence and, while never ones to quickly jump on board with conspiracy theories, we have to admit there is definitely something ‘off’ here. Read on and decide for yourself.

This weekend’s alert sums up the accusation with the following bullet point list (Whiteout Press impression in parenthesis):

  • Crisis actors? Check (maybe)
  • Foreknowledge? Check (no)
  • Multiple shooters? Check (yes)
  • Fake, bright blood? Check (maybe)
  • Immediate gun control reaction afterwards? Check (yes)
  • Links between the patsy and mind control? Check (yes)
  • Links between the patsy and psychiatric drugs? Check (yes)
  • Fake Facebook page created? Check (yes)
  • Illuminati symbolism? Check (maybe)

Crisis Actors

The first video presented as evidence of a false flag operation cites ‘crisis actors’. The below video is held up as proof that the supposed witnesses were taking direction from producers and directors. At one point mid-way through this interview, the girl on the right is heard quietly asking about her or the shoot’s “director”. While it’s difficult to make out, right in the middle of the interview, the girl quietly mumbles to her friend something along the lines of, “Was it a BMW? Is my/the director talking?” While this is quite curious for a supposedly spontaneous interview with two young girls who allegedly just witnessed a mass murder, we can’t quite put it in the category of evidence.

‘Foreknowledge’ – replacement glass

The second piece of information being cited by independent reports doesn’t even warrant including the video. Amateur investigators are pointing to videos of a store clerk at one of the shooting scenes sweeping up broken glass, blood and other debris assumedly within an hour or two after the incident. They suggest there wasn’t enough time to order, package and deliver replacement glass without doing it well before the shooting even happened. In reality, take it from someone with a half-decade working in the glass industry, it happens all the time. Board-up companies and glass companies literally listen to police scanners and often show up to measure the broken windows before the police even arrive on the crime scenes. It’s standard operating procedure in the glass business.

Second shooter

One of the most interesting details of the UCSB massacre is the recurring reports of a second shooter. Since the first moments after the tragic incident, media reports have insisted it was the work of a lone madman. But numerous witnesses report seeing multiple shooters. Now, official law enforcement documents confirm that the police were acting on the reports that there were at least two shooters.

The voice-over on the conspiracy video states, “Now we have concrete evidence. It doesn’t get any more solid than people that were right there, in front of it, witnessing it, all stating the same thing – two people.” Investigating why the witnesses report two perpetrators but media reports repeatedly cite only one, the independent reporter went to the initial accounts. What they found were original news reports detailing a police chase of two fleeing shooters. One was reportedly found dead, while the other was reportedly taken into police custody. Witnesses of the shooting also describe seeing two individuals inside Rodger’s black BMW shooting people. But all the media sites were universally changed in unison to report only a lone shooter.


Fake bright red blood

The next item independent reports point to is the clean-up effort in the moments after the shootings that were dramatically documented by America’s news outlets. The images in question show minimum-wage-earning store clerks mopping up giant pools of blood. The questions raised are; this is moments after one of the largest mass murders in America and store clerks are immediately allowed to clean it up with no sign the police had ever been there? Also pointed out by the reporter is the fact that pools of fresh blood are biohazards and after sitting on the ground would have turned dark red, not bright red indicating it’s only minutes old. With hundreds of police and emergency responders only feet away, something is ‘off’ regarding these official crime scene photos.


Victim’s dad, The Hunger Games

Two more items that probably fall into the ‘curious’ column rather than the evidence column are the immediate, propaganda-filled public outrage by one of the victims’ fathers and the link between the shooter and his father’s movie The Hunger Games. We at Whiteout Press would never question the reaction or words of a grieving parent who just lost their child – anything is possible and there is no standard reaction. But we can admit there is something wrong with the fact that the man’s screaming rants, re-televised tens of thousands of times across the country day and night for a week, sounded more like Democratic Party gun control talking points rather than the reaction of a grieving parent.

The other item is the fact that the shooter, Elliot Rodger, is the son of Peter Rodger – Assistant Director for the movie The Hunger Games. For those who haven’t seen it, the researcher describes it as, ‘The dystopian film depicting a New World Order future of two classes (the ultra rich and the super poor) where people are fenced into separate districts, and where poor people are chosen to fight each other to death in a Satanic ritual for the enjoyment of the rich.’

Big pharma and psychiatric drugs

Yes, add Elliot Rodger to the long list of Big Pharma drug patients being given violence and suicide-inducing drugs who happened to commit mass murder and then suicide. While nobody has released any actual evidence showing which psychiatric drugs Rodger was taking, he does voluntarily admit in his videos that he was seeing a psychiatrist. And the universal treatment for psychiatric patients in America is suicide-inducing drugs.

Bogus Facebook pages

One of the more damning strings of evidence comes from the widely reported Facebook entries posted by shooter Elliot Rodger in the days and weeks leading up to the tragedy. Within 24 hours of the shootings, one independent researcher took it upon himself to look into Rodger’s internet life a little deeper. What he found was that with the exception of the recent posts and videos, Rodger and his four ‘Facebook Friends’ don’t actually exist.

After researching the social media accounts and past activity, the researcher concludes, “My only conclusion to this is, this is just like the Boston Bombing and the Sandy Hook shooting. It’s all staged. This guy [Elliot Rodger], this guy is not real. He’s an actor. And his name is not really Elliot Rodger. Why, you ask, do I think it’s not real? Well, let’s go to his Facebook Page.”

What the independent researcher found were a number of problems with the official story. For starters, he points to all the pictures Rodger posted of himself on Facebook on the day of the shootings. Most, if not all, match the videos released of his confession allegedly taped in the hours prior to carrying out the shooting spree. But while some of the pics are ‘selfies’, others were obviously taken by a second person. Who took these pictures of Elliot Rodger on the day of the massacre?

Even more indicting are the posts from Rodger’s alleged Facebook Friends, of which there appeared to be only a handful. Responding to Elliot’s selfie pictures posted immediately before the incident, one Facebook Friend posts, ‘Looking good.’ But when the researcher looked at that person’s Facebook account, there was only one post from April. No other interactions or activity were visible and it appeared to be a shell account for a one-time project.

The details are in the Facebook ‘Likes’

Delving even deeper into Facebook, the researcher looked at the four people who were served Rodger’s post and who clicked on the ‘Like’ button. Again, the first individual’s Facebook account had no activity other than a post from April. The second person’s Facebook account was an empty shell without a single post ever. The third person’s last activity was in March. The independent reporter then looked at Rodger’s handful of other Facebook posts. Nearly all of them had 4 ‘Likes’, and each time, it was the exact same non-existent four people.

The investigator then goes an additional step deeper and looks at the posts from the only person of the four that had activity on his Facebook account. On the evening of the shooting spree, the person makes a post to Facebook. But it didn’t contain any mention of the incident. The reporter questions how a person doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that one of his closest Facebook friends was just murdered, is accused of being a serial killer and is on every news station in America?

Building on the hypothesis that Elliot Rodger’s entire social media life was created a month before the shootings and is linked to a dozen other fake, recently-created accounts, the investigator went one month back on Rodger’s Facebook page and clicked on a posted picture of Elliot, his father and assumedly his little brother. It’s a typical, casual outdoor family photo and it garnered 12 Facebook ‘Likes’. But who were those 12 people?

One of Facebook’s claims to fame is their algorithm that looks at all the activities of all its users. The site purposely feeds other people’s posts to you based on how often you interact with each Facebook account holder. In other words, Facebook knows who your closest friends are and mainly serves just their posts, pics and activities to you. So when looking at the 12 people who were served Rodger’s family photo and clicked ‘Like’, the researcher found something astonishing.

The independent videographer who produced the eight-minute video did a thorough job and concludes, “This doesn’t make any sense. Here is a picture supposedly that is with his father, and it got twelve Likes. I already looked, all these people, no updates. Nothing new. And I’m like, this doesn’t make any sense.”


The Illuminati connection

One of the bigger stretches on the original list published by The Freedom Articles is the connection between the UCSB shooting spree and Illuminati symbolism. A separate nine-minute documentary video jumps right on The Hunger Games connection to the massacre, suggesting the movie’s not-so-fictitious and all-powerful secret society has connections to the May 23rd killing spree. The reporter points out that there were 7 killed and 11 injured, two prominent Illuminati numerical symbols. He goes on to point out that much of the shooting happened at a 7-11 store.

“The News shouldn’t be right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal, it should be independent. It should be the news.” – Whiteout Press founder/author Mark Wachtler.

“To top it all off,” the videographer says, “We have this video released by CNN.” The video in question is the self-made video by Elliot Rodger where he explains why he’s going to kill women and go on a murder rampage. When Rodger posted the video on YouTube, it was 6-minutes, 55-seconds long. When CNN re-released the same video, it had been edited to be exactly 7-minutes, 11-seconds long.

Illustrating how obvious the ritualistic numerology is in this case, the reporter reminds viewers that there were actually 10 fatalities in the murder spree carried out by Elliot Rodger – 6 shooting victims, 3 stabbing victims and Rodger himself with a reportedly self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound. “That’s the punch line of the mainstream media,” the independent researcher says, referring to all the media reports and headlines repeatedly reporting that there were, “seven fatalities and eleven wounded.”

Skull & Bones involvement

The same researcher goes on to say, “Also, there’s reason to believe that Skull and Bones might have been somehow behind this whole false flag, possible hoax.” Skull and Bones is the centuries-old secret society headquartered at Yale University that both President George HW Bush and George W Bush are known members of. 

Citing the fact that ‘322’ is a known symbol of the secret Skull & Bones network, the reporter points to a seemingly endless list of police and media reports that repeatedly cite the number 3, followed immediately by the number 22. Some of the examples include the announcement by authorities that they had 3 prior contacts with Rodger. On one of the three, police report that he had contacted them to file a complaint that his roommate had stolen 3 candles valued at $22. “That is the most random piece of information,” the researcher concludes.

The final item listed connecting the UCSB killings and the secret societies of the New World Order is the fact that the President of the University where the incident took place just happens to be Janet Napolitano. Immediately prior to taking the helm of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Napolitano was the head of the Department of Homeland Security.


YouTube video is a fake

Attention all Photoshoppers, video editors and other graphic artists. Watch the video below, allegedly produced by Elliot Rodger and posted on YouTube just prior to his murder spree in Santa Barbara. Notice anything wrong with this video? We at Whiteout Press did, almost immediately. But we couldn’t quite put our finger on it.

This video has been gaining attention by independent investigators after being publicized by the 1980’s punk star Exene Cervenka. As detailed by Radio.com, the now 58-year-old singer still has quite a following and she’s raising a stink over what she insists is evidence that Elliot Rodger’s YouTube videos are fakes produced in front of a green screen in a studio somewhere. That accusation doesn’t seem out of bounds considering he’s the son of a Hollywood director.

With a ten-year professional history of graphic design and production for high-priced, downtown ad agencies, your author has a little experience on this subject as well. And our impression here at Whiteout Press is that this video is actually two videos super-imposed into one, and yes, one or both might be using a green screen to change the background. Also, aside from the strange hue surrounding Rodger’s body in the video, almost as if he were digitally clipped out of a separate video, there are a couple instances where the camera shakes, and the background shakes, but Rodger doesn’t.

The researchers used another tried and true tactic in exposing a doctored video – they looked at the shadows. At the 5:20 mark in the video, Elliot Rodger briefly moves off his rigid standing spot and walks away from the camera toward the scenery behind him. Stopping just short of the grass, or green screen, Rodger’s shadow is seen for only a few seconds. It’s pointing to the 2:00 position. Yet the bush in the center of the shot is pointing to the 4:00 position. And the large boulder in the upper right of the video is actually pointing to the 6:00 position.


If recent mass murders are any indication, the American people won’t have answers to their questions for months or years, if ever. But as the voluminous amount of video evidence from before, during and after the tragedy is poured over, more evidence and more questions are sure to be brought forward. In the meantime, the army of conspiracy theorists refusing to believe the official account of this story continues to grow.


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