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The reasons why you need to study architecture

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As a very prestigious profession, architecture is an area that brings together technique and art to design the spaces inhabited by the human being. In this post, you will get to know everything about architecture! Here, we can already say that this is a very sought-after graduation because it offers good work options, both in the private market and in public institutions. In fact, professionals in the field are usually well paid.

Given this, it is natural that there is a lot of competition, so you should never lose sight of the need to improve and demonstrate competitiveness.

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What is architecture?

In a very general and simplistic way, architecture is the science behind the projection and construction of places that will be occupied by people. The architect is the professional who thinks the use of each place, the needs imposed by peculiarity and the spatial possibilities to begin to think a project.

Therefore, it needs to be executable, functional, visually appropriate and long-lasting. After all, houses and buildings are not disposable, and the project author needs to take into account their long-term impact.

In order to do so, the profession combines the exact matters with the humanities. That is to say, it is necessary to formulate the project with all its technical notes, so that the buildings can stand, can be constructed with the materials available in the market, have the exact dimensions so that human beings can occupy it and use it.

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In short, an architect must know the details that make a building possible.

This part is related to the study of the technique of construction, which involves calculations and practices, use of software and a general understanding of how the project should be. But that’s just part of the architecture. The other concerns the aesthetics and visual concept that the work will present. Yes, because it is not enough just a house to be habitable, a commercial room to be usable, and a factory to have a productive architecture. All are inserted within a larger scenario, and need to articulate visually, that is, to combine with that space. And, of course, beautiful projects inclined to artistic inspirations are more valued and tend to garner greater prestige and recognition to professionals.

The history of architecture

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We can consider that architecture exists since the first man wanted to protect himself from climatic phenomena and build a place to welcome, already in the period of antiquity. The first architectural treatise, however, dates back to the 1st century BC, and was written by the Roman Marcos Vitruvio Polião. It is the categorization of the architecture used until today, as the science that mixes utilitas (utility), venus (beauty) and firmitas (solidity). Three concepts that, as we have already discussed, must be present in any architectural project.

Why Study Architecture?

Among the things you need to know about architecture, the first is that the course is perfect for anyone who manages to combine creativity and the sense of aesthetic creation with technical thinking, calculations and design vision for each work. In the day to day of this professional, the challenges will always be in this sense: to create based on what can be perfectly executed, to result in a lasting, correct, safe and practical building. Homework is very important to be done by everyone who studies architecture. However, they now have the option of online assistance when they encounter major difficulties. If you are an architectural student and you need immediate homework assistance, you can always find some help.

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In addition, it offers good job opportunities. It is possible to work in the private sector, in some construction company, or in the public sector, making projects and administering the governmental patrimony, in all spheres of power or, also, taking care of the urban planning and the master plan of a municipality. You can also act autonomously, and create your own architectural office by providing one-off solutions or complete projects for clients. There is also good demand for specialized consultancies, lode to be filled by vast experience architects.

And more than all these reasons for architecture, it offers a unique worldview: the perception of spaces, the use of each building, the way the facades articulate with the landscape.