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The Importance Of Amber Bracelets

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If you’re clueless about the above topic, not to worry we’ll explain all about it. First, a teething necklace is the jewelry of some sorts, made of pure solidified amber from the sap of a damaged or cut tree. The sap on being exposed hardens to form a rock-like resin known as amber. Holes can be bored into these resin chips after they are polished, and strung with a rope to form jewelry for the neck, ankles, and wrists of teething babies. If you have a baby who is teething it must be taking a hard toll on you. Teething babies go through pain and discomfort which makes them cry more, sleep less and are fuzzy more often plummeting the parent into a state of increased stress. Now, the solution to this is the Amber teething necklace. Let’s look at its importance.


The major constituent of the amber teething necklace is succinic acid. This substance is strong enough as an analgesic but mild enough to be used on babies and toddlers. Succinic acid is a natural analgesic meaning it helps alleviate pain and swelling as it also has anti-inflammatory properties which are perfect for teething babies. Babies who are teething have pain and swollen gums to deal with alongside general discomfort. They can’t sleep through this pain which is why your teething baby is up an hour after you’ve put him/her down. Using a therapeutic material like the amber teething necklace reduces the pain your baby is going through and helps them sleep better.

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How does it work?

When worn on the skin, the amber bracelets releases this succinic acid in the form of natural oils which is absorbed into the bloodstream through the permeable skin’s surface. Once it gets into the bloodstream, the acid works on the affected areas and relieves your baby of the pain and discomfort. The amber teething necklace is very therapeutic, especially for teething babies.

An important thing to note about this necklace is that it should be inspected and monitored when worn on your baby to prevent hazards like strangulation, suffocation, and choking.

The amber teething necklace poses as an effective remedy to your teething baby’s pain. As a parent, once your toddler is happy, you’re equally happy, and once they can’t sleep through the night, sleep will also elude you. Hence to guarantee your much-needed beauty rest, use the amber teething necklace.

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