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The Five Advantages Of Tracking Your Child’s Phone

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The internet is already a staple in our lives and is continuing its growth. Now, it is seen as a major marketplace, a library, and source of information, and the main platform for international communication. And while it has its pros, and you can benefit a lot from its use, you have to be aware of the dangers as well. And those dangers should be further examined if you have a child or two. As you might be familiar, a lot of parents are now buying their children phones or tablets even at the young age of 4-5 and allowing them limitless use of the internet.

Though it is good to allow your kid freedom to explore and develop certain interests, the internet can be a dangerous thing especially if your kid is still young and vulnerable. This where a tracking device might come in handy, but it is still a huge point of debate and while some parents support it the other think it is a direct attack on privacy. We think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle and that with the right use of it this kind of an app can be of benefit both to the parent and child.

Without further a due, let’s take a look at the five advantages of tracking your child’s phone.

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The Benefits Of A Phone Tracking App

1. Let’s get one thing straight – it is always better to openly talk with your kid about problems and educate them on a certain matter. This way you will not have to worry about how are they using the internet and if they can somehow be misguided. Still, if you are having trouble achieving good communication with your child or you are simply worried about their prolonged use of internet a tracking app can be of huge benefit. It will allow you to monitor their internet activity and take control of their use. One thing to say, you should still draw a line between your monitoring and an absolute attack on privacy – as long as it is for the safety of your child the use of this app is fine. You will be able to protect them from possibly harmful content.

2. Along with that, you will be able to realize if someone is cyberbullying your child, or if there is a risk of an online predator. Kids are vulnerable and can be easily made into doing something that they usually wouldn’t. S*xting is included here as well, and though a teen might think it is cool to send pictures of this kind it is a huge threat and that picture can get viral in a matter of seconds.

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3. Also, you will be able to protect their personal information from strangers and harmful websites. As you are allowed to control and monitor their use you can put parental control so your kid can’t enter websites with content that you don’t see adequate for their age.

4. With kids spending more time by the mobile screen a tracking app may help you limit their screen time and make them spend more time with you, or having quality time exercising.

5. Last but absolutely not least is the fact that it will allow you to monitor the GPS location of your child which can be of huge benefit in case your child gets lost, or anything else of that kind happens.

How Good Is The Family Orbit App

Family Orbit app is one of the best tracking ones out there and it allows you four main features – monitoring; parental control; limit screen time; and location tracker. It is easy to use and with a price of just below $15 a month or $90 a year it is an excellent choice to keep your mind at ease, and your child safe from all the troubles that use of the internet can cause.

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Though using a tracking app can be as an attack on privacy it is still for the safety of your child, and as long as you are not misusing and there is a reason for it we absolutely recommend it. Who knows what type of content might your kid run into, and this is the best way to stay informed and save your kid from any kind of stress or trouble that usually wouldn’t be reported!