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The Best Deals in the Supreme Jewish Shop

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As all of us crave for the best offer in various items to choose from to the suitable price if not the most affordable for that matter, but above all mentioned we need quality options for us to decide. For the right occasion, you need adequate gifts, tools for it and a bit of knowledge. If you are looking for a vide offer of candlesticks for Shabbat or just good candlesticks, then you are in the right place.

What is Shabbat? Shabbat is an integral part of the Jewish religion and culture, a word almost directly from the Lord Himself heard in the prayer,  seen as a refuge at the start of the week it’s inevitable. The lighting of the candlesticks symbols the beginning of the prayer.

For this occasion, we have a diverse offer of the candlesticks below designed by Art Judaica:

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Candlesticks for Shabbat candles – Star of David

Polyresin Candlesticks- Candleholders for Shabbat candles, opulent with details in the shape of Star of David now on sale for just $32,66. (price without discount  $39,66)

Img source: jewish.shop

Candlesticks for Shabbat candles – classic Jewish style – silver plating 25cm

Uniquely designed in a traditional classic look that resembles the proud history of the Jewish people. It comes at the price of $104,00 but with the discount of the item in hand $98,00.

Img source: jewish.shop

Birkat Kohanim Candlesticks for Shabbat candles, Silvered

Another candlestick for Shabbat candles, only this one with his presence caught the eye at the first look, silvered and shaped into the appearance of prayer. Available now at sales for $51,70.

Img source: jewish.shop

Silvered Candlesticks – Candle Lighting Blessing

This candlestick for Shabbat with an engraved prayer on it, polyresin silvered 17cm comes with the price of $51,70 discount is included.

Img source: jewish.shop

5 Branched Candlesticks for Shabbat candles – silver plating

We suggest this candlestick also on sales for the price  $76,20.

Attention to details includes decorative stones and geometric design plus silver plating on this 27cm long candlestick for Shabbat.

In our Jewish Shop, we have an excellent offer of Kiddush Cups. In the Jewish religious ceremony, Kiddush cups are an inevitable factor in the process. For that reason designed by Art Judaica we have few options unique for you to choose from:

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Hammered Stainless Steel Kiddush Cup – Stemless

This Kiddush cup on sales for $29,00. Without a doubt, this beaten stainless steel Kiddush cup 10cm is a must-have item on your table.

Img source: jewish.shop

Nickel Kiddush Cup “Leaves”

One more elegant and sophisticated option from the Kiddush Cups group is Nickel Kiddush Cup 15cm long along with Saucer- Leaves Design to give it a unique look you want to see. For just $47.00 on sales now.

Img source: jewish.shop

Silver Plated Kiddush Cup “Reut”

A Kiddush cup with high quality for special occasions. This metal Kiddush cup 15cm long is with saucer for the price $45.00 with the discount.

Img source: jewish.shop

Silver Plated Kiddush Cup “Eternity”

Silver plating metal kiddush cup 9cm long, a personification of grace at your hand for the price of $44.00 with the discount.

Img source: jewish.shop

Silver Plated Kiddush Cup “Mitzvah”

The best is saved for the end. Sophisticated, elegant and traditional Kiddush cup silver plated with stem 15cm long, now on sales for just $73.00.

This is an excellent chance for you to enrich your life with our affordable offer and save money at the same time.