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5 SEO Mistakes That You Should Absolutely Avoid In The New Year

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The basic purpose of SEO is to attain high rankings for your websites on search engines, but this is easier said than done. While reaching the top is difficult, staying there is even tougher. The changing Google algorithms and tough competition in the niche are just a few of the challenges that you may come across. Also, there are some mistakes that can cost you the loss of rankings as well. The best way to deal with such blunders is to know them better and consciously avoid them. Here are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid in the New Year.

Not targeting the right keywords

Keywords are at the heart of a successful SEO strategy, and unless you target the right ones, you cannot imagine getting success. If you are not starting with keyword research using a reliable tool, you will be unable to identify the right ones. This means that your content will not be optimized to rank on searches and you will lose the SEO game. Furthermore, you should understand that targeting high search keywords will not help as there will be tough competition there. Rather a mix and match strategy will drive results.

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Focusing on content volume rather than quality

While keywords are the heart of SEO, content is undoubtedly its soul. SEO specialists at Submitcore reiterate that content is still the king and nothing works more than high-quality content to get your website to the top. Instead of focusing on the content volume, you should cater rich, relevant and informative content on your website and off-page posts as well. Look to refresh your website’s content in the New Year with a focus on quality and only quality.

Not strengthening technical aspects of SEO

You may be posting quality content and targeting the right keywords, but results will be elusive unless you are strengthening the technical aspects of SEO. Ensure that you are using unique title tags and meta descriptions. Also, check out other key parameters such as canonical tags, meta robots, internal links, and more. Further, not paying attention to the site speed and navigation is a mistake that you should avoid to get better rankings.

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Building low-quality or unnatural link

Another SEO mistake that you should not make in 2019 is building low-quality and unnatural links as they do more harm than good. According to the outreach experts at Submitcore, guest blogging for high-quality, niche-relevant sites fetches you quality links that serve as an asset for the business’ lifetime. Low-quality, unnatural and irrelevant links, on the other hand, can elevate the risk of your site penalized by Google.

Not aligning with changing search algorithms

Google keeps changing its ranking algorithm from time to time, and it is the responsibility of SEO professionals to keep an eye on them. Not doing so means that you will be unable to keep pace and replicate the changes on your website, which may cause it to lose the ranking following the algorithm change. Since Google does not share the changes publically, you need to be alert enough to identify and understand them.

source: searchengineland.com

Avoiding these SEO mistakes can help you attain and retain high rankings for your website in the New Year. So you should avail the services of expert professionals to ensure that you do everything right and be on the top.