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Should celebrities attend school?


We all admire celebrities and often wonder whether they went to school. The chances are that a large number of our favorite celebrities did not attend school. At their level, it is easy to admire them even without an education. We see them acting, singing or doing what interests us and feel that they are superior with or without knowledge.

Had it been a normal person without an education, they would probably be admonished or ridiculed for lack of it. We tend to put celebrities in high positions and hold them in high esteem regardless of their inabilities. This brings us to the question; should celebrities attend school?

School is very important. Basic education at the very least is important. School not only teaches us how to read and write, but also life skills. You learn a lot of skills that you would have otherwise not learned were it not for school, for instance, financial management. At some point in life when you are an adult, you will have to plan your finances. You have to be able to use the financial management skills you learned in order to account and plan for your money.

Imagine a scenario whereby your favorite celebrity earns millions in a year, but by the end of the next one, they have zero investments or improvements in their lives to show where that money went. Being a celebrity means that you have to keep up with a certain image. Your fans need to know that you remain the same person or if you change, it’s for the better. No one wants to read about their crowned queen in singing signed up for bankruptcy.

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School teaches one social skill that are very important in building relationships. Celebrities are always under the keen eye of the public. Any little move is always under their watch. How you communicate to people shows everyone the kind of person you are. If you did not go to school, the chances are that you have poor communication skills, are quick to anger and have no decorum in handling any issue whatsoever. Your replies are reckless and have total disregard for the public.

A celebrity who went to school will know that there is an important person they need at their corner known as a public relations manager. They will guide them on how to make responses, especially when addressing the public. Not only will they save them from embarrassing moments but also build long-lasting relationships with brands that collaborate and those that would wish to collaborate with them in future.

Celebrities who have gone to school also act as role models in society. Every celebrity has their own fan base. This means that the demographics could range between 2-70. In between this age group are school-going children. These children look up to these celebrities as role models and in future, aspire to be like them.

Going to school is already an achievement. As a celebrity, you can use your influence to encourage your fans to stay in school and get an education. You can tell them that they can achieve whatever they want to if they stay in school just like you did. Using yourself as an example gives it a more realistic touch and appeal. Some celebrities argue that going to school takes a lot of their time, but they can hire online homework websites to help them to handle their school work.