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Practical ways to Get First Page ranking in Google

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Everyone knows that Google is the best search engine across the globe. Almost every website owner dreams of ranking number one on Google. The reason for this is most people do not look beyond the first page of Google. Listing on Google’s first page is obviously very difficult.

Why do you need to get page one rank in Google?

This is the most difficult task in the path of gaining success in Search Engine Optimization. If you seriously want to receive traffic on your website from Google then you need to get page one rank in Google because first page websites get nearly ninety percentage traffic. Usually gaining the first-page rank means you belong to top 10 websites.

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From the methods provided below, you can gain success in Search Engine Optimization through Google traffic by getting the first-page rank in Google.

Targeting long-term keywords

  • Majority of the Google searches and quality searches are the long term searches. The people who do these types of searches want specific information about their searches. If you are able to provide valuable information to these people then they will surely return back to your website in the future. So you should definitely target long-term keywords.
  • Also, look for keywords which are trending or most common among the people. This will also keep your website on trending.

Pay to reach the top

  • Most of the paid results have a Google AdWords account. Paid results look different from other results. They are mostly represented in another shopping section.
  • AdWords is an advertising system in which there is bidding on keywords so that the advertisers can show their clickable ads on Google search results. Also, this is how Google earns.
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Design and user experience

  • Not many people pay attention to the user experience but it is an important factor. Nowadays people look for a website which does not keep them waiting for loading the content. To know what a user experiences then try to put you in place of the users.
  • Always try to create a design which will do a great impact on the user. The design of your website should always be embedded in the user’s mind. This will make the user remember your website name. Also, make the user interface such that it looks good on mobile phones too.

Work on the links

  • Links play a critical role in terms of Search Engine Optimization. It is very important to connect to people on social networks and on the internet. Writing for the right website is a very important decision which is necessary for the awareness of your brand. Alternatively, you can also hire some blogger outreach agency such as Degions for this work.
  • For ideal user experience, you should fix your broken links because most of the website owners ignore the broken links. Use tool like broken link checker to check for the broken links.
  • Guest posting on popular websites is very important in your particular niche to get backlinks
  • Try adding your websites to local business directories and review sites like Trip Advisor.
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Adding more content to your website

  • Sometimes the current blogs which are present on your site are not enough to attract users. So you keep yourself and your website updated.
  • Nowadays many companies are using content marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. When you write more content on your site then you got more chances to get the first page rank on Google. You will get more traffic when you write more content because more pages will be indexed on your site. There is a huge competition out there who writes more than fifteen articles every month.
  • Quality content is also necessary for Search Engine Optimization and all this begins by picking up the right keywords. You should also keep trending and new contents regularly to your site to keep the traffic running. Adding tons of content to your site will definitely help you to keep the traffic on.

There is no guaranteed method or official method to get page one rank on Google but these are some of the most successful and common methods to achieve your Search Engine Optimization strategy goals. Targeting the right keyword, right audiences will definitely increase your chances to rank up in Google. Sometimes you have to bring up some good marketing strategies to increase traffic on your site.

Search Engine Optimization is not a once done type of thing. You have to keep updating and adding new content to your site. You need to do constant work on your marketing strategies, your content and also your site’s user experience. You have to think of long term game plan to gain success in Search Engine Optimization.

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Also, you should trust Google for bringing traffic to your site. Once you rank up on Google you will definitely increase your site’s traffic but as soon as you gain the first-page rank then your website’s traffic can increase by a huge percentage. Google search results are mostly accurate and helpful.