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obama administration still protecting rapists in us military


May 17, 2013

Obama Administration still protecting Rapists in US Military

May 17, 2013. The culture of rape and sexual assault within the US military has passed epic proportions and is now bordering on a pandemic. The number of incidents continues to skyrocket, while the military officers in charge of catching the sex offenders are repeatedly arrested for being sexual predators themselves. Now, even President Obama admits it is threatening our national security.

Pres. Obama meets with his Joint Chiefs after learning that rapes and sexual assaults by the military jumped to 71 per day. Image courtesy of TIME.

Numbers continue to rise

When the Pentagon released its annual report on rapes and sexual assaults in the US military earlier this month, Americans were horrified to find out that the number of incidents isn’t declining like the Obama administration had hoped. Instead, the number of violent sexual attacks by US soldiers jumped 37% from 2011 to 2012.

As detailed by Reuters, there were an estimated 19,000 rapes and sexual attacks committed by US military personnel in 2011. In 2012, that number jumped to 26,000. That equates to over 71 rapes or sexual assaults each and every day. Those statistics confirm that the problem isn’t being addressed by the Obama administration. Instead, it’s rapidly getting worse.

Showing that he is still hesitant to address the crisis or take personal responsibility for his administration’s indifference to it, President Obama reacted to the latest statistics by telling reporters that he had spoken to his commanding Generals about the problem. “They care about this and they’re angry about it,” Obama attempted to explain, “And I heard directly from all of them that they’re ashamed by some of what’s happened.”

Culture of corruption starts at the top

When the recent South American sex scandal broke last year, it was revealed that members of the CIA, the Treasury Dept and even President Obama’s Secret Service attachment had been involved in sex scandals. Compromising the President’s safety, as well as national security, Americans were shown just how sexually depraved the US military and federal officials have become under the Obama administration.

But that wasn’t the only shocker. It was also revealed that at least one member of President Obama’s own Cabinet was caught in extramarital affairs with foreign prostitutes who some believe were spies. One reason why prostitution, extramarital affairs and sexual debauchery are banned for government leaders is because the seemingly harmless sex partners often turn out to be enemy agents. If a government official is given the choice of having their history of sexual encounters with underage children behind their spouse’s back exposed to the world, or betraying their country and aiding the enemy, all too often the choice is the latter.

In the months since that news was revealed, none of Obama’s cabinet members have resigned in disgrace and the story seems to have been blacked-out by America’s Wall Street owned news media. But with the culture of rape and sexual assault so prevalent within the military and government, it was only a matter of time before the President’s indifference came back to haunt him.

Culture of corruption

Sometimes it seems like the US military is 100 years behind the rest of American society. Long ago, local police forces established ‘internal affairs’, ‘offices of special investigation’ or even ‘inspector generals’. The sole reason was because it became a proven fact that law enforcement departments across the country had been overrun by criminals, even at their highest levels. America’s police could no longer be trusted to investigate and prosecute themselves. But in the US military, if one is a victim of rape, there is no separate law enforcement agency to run to for help. Who are military rape victims forced to call? The rapists.

The effect of that policy is that hardly any sexual assault or rape victims ever come forward in the US military. In the past, they’ve accused government officials of carrying out terror campaigns and endless acts of retribution against them for simply reporting the attacks. Because of that culture, only 3,374 of the 26,000 victims came forward last year.


One reason for the fear and terror among the military’s victims was revealed in a shocking disclosure on the day before the government released the report showing sexual assaults and rapes skyrocketing in the military. Just 24 hours before the 26,000 number was released, the number one commander in charge of preventing such sexual attacks within the US Air Force was himself arrested and charged with sexual battery.

Following on the heels of that announcement, another officer in charge of fighting sexual assaults in the military was also arrested for multiple sexual predatory acts. Among them, it is alleged, the Army officer stationed at Fort Hood, Texas had forced at least one female officer into prostitution. Believe it or not, immediately after that arrest, a third military officer in charge of combating sex crimes was placed under arrest. A Lt. Col. at Fort Campbell, KY, and the manager of the base’s sex abuse prevention program, turned himself into authorities yesterday for criminally stalking his ex-wife who has a restraining order against him.

One critic who’s been an outspoken advocate for victims of military rape and assault is US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Whether it’s during heated and passionate Senate hearings or angered statements issued to the media, Sen. Gillibrand has been at the forefront of America’s outrage. “We believe enough is enough,” the New York Senator told reporters recently, “when any single victim of sexual assault is forced to salute her attacker, clearly our system is broken.”

Surprising Statistics and Quotes

One statistic found in the tens of thousands of sexual attacks in the US military each year is shocking to most individuals at first glance, but reveals one reason for the low number of victims who report being sexually assaulted. According to the military’s own records, more than half of the victims are men. Using 2010 data from the military, of the 19,300 rape and sexual assault victims that year, 10,700 were men.

Sen. Gillibrand didn’t let that statistic go by without a stinging rebuke. “I am extremely disturbed,” she criticized military leaders, “I don’t know how you can say that having 19,000 sexual assaults and rapes a year is discipline and order.”

Illustrating just how insincere and oblivious President Obama, his Defense Secretary, and his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are regarding the issue, the military’s number one commander released a statement immediately after meeting with the President on the subject. His remarks left onlookers dumbfounded. “We’re losing the confidence of the women who serve that we can solve this problem” General Martin Dempsey told the gathered press. Apparently, nobody told the Joint Chiefs Chairman that the majority of rape victims in the military are men.

Another disheartening statistic released in the military’s annual report showed that not only is rape and sexual assault getting worse, but the administration’s handling of the epidemic is getting worse as well. The report shows that while overall sexual attacks by military personnel went up by 34% in 2012, the number of ‘reported’ incidents only rose by 6%.

That clearly shows that as more and more people are assaulted and raped, fewer and fewer of them are even bothering to file a complaint. As countless victims have explained, they were too afraid to report the sexual attacks. Not because of embarrassment, but out of fear and terror at the hands of their own government.


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