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nationalists and socialists deliver same message same day


June 2, 2013

Nationalists and Socialists deliver same Message, same Day

June 2, 2013. America’s right-wing racial Nationalists and the left-wing rainbow Socialists disagree on everything, except their contempt for the US federal government. Both have come to the same conclusion that many others have – the left versus right political struggle is a smoke screen meant to distract from the real dividing lines – the elite establishment versus the people.

Left vs. Right is rapidly being replaced by the Elite Establishment vs. We The People. Image courtesy of ANUNews.net.

While it’s true that Socialists are a little too close to Communism and Nationalists are a little too close to National Socialism for most American’s comfort, it’s also true that the two political factions are ideology-based. Which means that what they say and promote is a reflection of their honest and sincere political beliefs. They may have drastically differing visions of a future America, but at least they’re both motivated by the goal of creating a better life for the masses.

Their adversaries in the elite establishment, the Republicans and Democrats, are also made up of a blend of those from the right and left. The difference is, as a half-century of American governing has demonstrated, the establishment is only interested in creating a better life for themselves, at the expense of the masses.

Major shift

Being a poverty-stricken single parent, as well as a white Christian male – this author has spent the past thirty years watching with sympathetic understanding as both the Socialists and Nationalists have beat their heads against the proverbial wall. Both sides speak an undeniable truth that is never ever mentioned on American’s television sets – that the US federal government is corrupt to its core, and both the establishment left and the establishment right are in on it.

Twenty-five years ago, American Socialists spent all their time attacking right-wing Nationalists, not just white Nationalists either, but black and Hispanic Nationalists as well. At the same time, America’s Nationalists spent all their time attacking the left-wing Socialists. There was a stench of hatred on both sides and both political movements seemed more intent on destroying those they disagreed with than they did with fixing America.

Today, the battlefield is shifting and it’s shifting dramatically. Instead of fighting each other, both the populist right and populist left have enacted an unspoken and unintentional cease fire. Now, both sides are going after their common enemy – the Washington DC establishment. And interestingly, they’re not attacking the elites on the other side. They’re cleaning their own houses. The Socialists have taken aim at what they term an ‘imperial presidency’, while the Nationalists are going after what they call the ‘ruthless bums’ in Congress.

Common complaints

As different as each side’s platforms and positions are, America’s Nationalists and Socialists occasionally find themselves in agreement. That’s been the case over the past few months as both segments of the political landscape take stock of the actions and performance of our country’s representatives in Washington.

In an announcement to supporters two weeks ago, the nationalist American Freedom Party voiced disdain and disappointment at a Republican-controlled House, as well as the conservatives in the US Senate. ‘Conservatives are acting the same way, as if some huge change has occurred and the “Republicans are now going to save us!” Seriously, when has either party ever saved us?! The Republicans are just as responsible as the Democrats for the nightmares we find ourselves in.’

On the exact same day that the AFP released its statement, the Socialist Equality Party released an announcement from the World Socialist Web Site. It was philosophically similar. ‘The vast majority of the American population—the bottom 80 to 90 percent—is wholly excluded from the official political life of the country,’ the Socialists wrote, ‘Obama does not address himself to them. Their interests are not taken into account in any major political decision. They do not matter.’

The lesser of two evils is still evil

That’s a saying that’s becoming more and more common among America’s independent and third party voters. They’re increasingly frustrated over the fact that people repeatedly voice distrust and contempt for the politicians of both establishment parties, yet they still flock to the Republicans and Democrats on Election Day. Illustrating that fact, as many as 60% of the American people consider themselves political ‘independents’, but there are 0 independents in the US House of Representatives.

Going forward, both the Socialists and the Nationalists hope to harness that army of betrayed American voters. And they’re starting with their own political bases. ‘We have to become as ruthless with Congress critters as they are with us,’ the American Freedom Party writes, ‘We have to look at the election process with complete dispassion if we want to “actually” throw the bums out. We have to look at elections as a purely utilitarian act necessary to hold members of Congress accountable in the only way that we can, by removing them from office.’

While the Nationalists go after Congress and its Republican-controlled House, the Socialists are attacking President Obama and his Democratic-controlled Executive branch, ‘Just as the Pentagon’s assertion of unbridled executive power encountered no significant objections within the political establishment, no serious opposition has emerged to Obama’s embrace of the “balancing” theory of constitutional rights, according to which basic rights can be trampled on where “government interests” outweigh them.’

The American epiphany

There’s a phenomenon sweeping the country and for lack of a better term, we’re going to call it ‘the American epiphany’. It can be quantified with the statistic that both the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House each suffer from an approval rating hovering around 10%. The American people have lost faith in both parties. But as the AFP reminds us in their announcement, only about 15% of Congressmen were voted out of office this past November. And the vast majority of those who did leave office simply retired or quit to go work for a special interest group.

A similarly strange example of the ongoing American epiphany is that for the first time in modern America, the majority of the American people don’t trust the mainstream media to report the truth. Yet, like sheep to the slaughter, they still saturate themselves with the profit-driven newscasts of the corporate media and little else.

Those two phenomena – Americans voting for parties they don’t agree with and watching news programs they don’t trust – is not the epiphany itself, only the setting for it. With 90% of the American people holding both the Republicans and Democrats in a state of ‘no confidence’ and over 60% fully aware that their TV sets are spewing nothing more than misinformation and political and corporate propaganda, something has to give sooner or later.

As the weight of contempt and corruption builds, along with America’s empire and its national debt, the proverbial rubber band will break. And when it does, the American people will finally have their epiphany. The Democrats and Republicans could be left with only the core voters that make up their parties and America’s elite generational oligarchy. Polls generally put Democrats’ support at 23% of the overall population with the Republicans enjoying the loyalty of only 17%. The remaining 60% of the American people could, and probably will, lead a mass exodus out of the establishment and into the opposition.

Political realignment – left and right unite

You know something historic is in the works when a nation’s two traditional mortal enemies suddenly begin promoting the same message. And it’s happening right now, right here. While the rich and powerful families of the Democrats and Republicans entrench themselves behind ever higher walls in Washington DC, a groundswell of grassroots activists are joining together in their mission to clean house of both establishment parties.

‘Friends, it’s a CON. The whole game is a con aimed at convincing you that political ideology has some real meaning in politics,’ the American Freedom Party proclaims, ‘It doesn’t. It’s a charade that hides the fact that no matter which party appears to be in power, there is an underlying continuity of agenda that moves forward regardless of which party “seems” to be in control.’

Ominously, the announcement released on the same day by the Socialist Equality Party echoed an eerily similar sentiment. ‘The process of disintegration of American democracy has accelerated and advanced sharply, in particular under the Obama administration,’ they wrote, ‘Now looming on the horizon is an American police state. The only social force capable of halting and reversing the drive toward dictatorship is the working class—the bottom 80 to 90 percent which is everywhere locked out of the gated community of official politics.’

When the American epiphany is realized, the country will no longer have just two birds of the same feather to choose from. Instead, with fair and equal ballot access, and corrupt money removed from the system, the country’s political landscape may look almost unrecognizable. If current trends continue, the Libertarians and Nationalists would represent the right, the Greens and Socialists would represent the left, and independents would be free to be independents. The Republicans and Democrats – the parties of 30 years of power, greed and betrayal – would be left to continue doing the bidding of Wall Street, the IMF and the WTO.  

And that’s if the two establishment parties are lucky. History shows that political revolutions are not kind to the ruling elite that devastated the country. And here in the US where Uncle Sam is so fond of collecting lists of American citizens, each voter’s party membership is public record. Just as the Bush administration outlawed Iraq’s ruling Baath Party and used party membership lists to carry out a national campaign of terror, murder, torture and retribution, a not-so-kind political revolt here in the US could just as easily result in something similar.

But that’s just one of many possible future outcomes if the US remains on the course it’s currently on. For now, America’s political opposition will continue to struggle to get just one single representative elected to Congress. And when that happens, it very well could be the breaking of the proverbial dam.

For more information on either the American Freedom Party or the Socialist Equality Party, readers can find links to their party websites, as well as the websites of most of America’s other opposition political parties, by visiting the Whiteout Press web page, ‘Voters Guide to Political Parties in America’.

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