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liberty fest nyc postponed for united we stand at ucla


September 13, 2013

Liberty Fest NYC 2013 postponed for United We Stand at UCLA

September 13, 2013. New York. (ONN) The annual New York City Liberty Fest has been postponed until 2014. The event was previously scheduled for October 12, 2013. But a dueling grassroots festival in Los Angeles on the same day caused organizers on the east coast to cancel their event. With the NY activists having an open date on their calendar now, United We Stand Fest in LA should be even bigger than anticipated.

Abby Martin (L) and Amber Lyon (R), two independent TV journalists who will be at United We Stand Fest. Image courtesy of RT News.

It’s becoming obvious that America’s grassroots social and political activist movements are growing exponentially these days. Because of that, it’s also clear that the leaders and organizers of these exemplary groups do a better job working together on future events and campaigns. For those who remember the chaos of the 2012 Presidential Primary, you’ll remember that at one point, there were three different ‘liberty’ rallies scheduled on the same day in the same city, and all featured candidate Ron Paul.

Liberty Fest NYC 4

This year, the same snafu occurred with two of the largest and most anticipated grassroots events being scheduled for the same day – October 12, 2013. One was Liberty Fest NYC 4 and the other was United We Stand Fest at UCLA. It’s not clear which event was scheduled first.

Showing there are no hurt feelings, Liberty Fest NYC postponed their event until 2014. It’s a shame it had to be put off so far into the future. As this column mentioned, it is a wonderful and energizing event that many people on the east coast look forward to each year. To see a photo album from 2012’s Liberty Fest NYC, visit Sinclair News.

As detailed on the festival’s website, Liberty Fest NYC 4 will be postponed until May 24, 2014. Organizers are in the tedious and unenviable process of refunding ticket purchases to those attendees who are requesting refunds. The festival’s Facebook page is also making the announcement of the date change and coordinating any requested refunds. Again, it’s a shame such a fine event had to have such a sad end this year.

United We Stand Fest

While Liberty Fest NYC attracts that passionate cross section of both the left and right where libertarians meet Constitutionalists for the cause of freedom and liberty, United We Stand Fest knocks down all the walls. The festival’s sponsor and organizer – Free and Equal – is the same group that brought together RT America, Larry King, and all the 2012 Presidential candidates with a mathematical chance of winning.

At any event coordinated and sponsored by Christina Tobin and Free and Equal, it’s a safe bet that participants will come from all walks of America’s political spectrum. Libertarians, Greens, socialists, nationalists, Justice Party, Constitution Party, independents – it’s a rare and unique show of unity by America’s entire political opposition, standing united against America’s elite establishment.

Speakers, performers and guests

The upcoming United We Stand Fest is set to build on last year’s unity effort. In fact, as the list of participating speakers, organizations and musical acts continues to grow, it shows an unprecedented mix of participants.

The fest will include opposition politicians like the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, the Green Party’s Jill Stein, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Musical acts already confirmed include LA’s own indie rock band Garden State, Virgin Records’ Saving Abel, and libertarian heartthrob Tatiana Moroz. Joining that line-up, believe it or not, will be none other than Flavor Flav and Public Enemy, and the WuTang Clan.

Also joining Free and Equal’s Christina Tobin will be civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, 19-year-old founder of People Against the NDAA Dan Johnson, Hustlebear.com founder Judd Weiss, Occupy’s Justin Wedes, political comedian Lee Camp, writer-poet Maytha Alhassen-Sawaha, NORML’s Sabrina Fendrick, Sheriff Richard Mack, and a host of representatives from Buzzsaw, Young Americans for Liberty and many more.

Showing that America’s independent news media will also be well represented at United We Stand Fest, participating journalists include three-time Emmy Award winner Amber Lyon, The Josh Tolley Show’s own Josh Tolley, and Whiteout Press’ all-time favorite television journalist – RT News’ Abby Martin.

Event details

In an announcement from festival organizers yesterday, Christina Tobin explained, “Free and Equal Elections will host a first of its kind, peaceful, positive, and powerful solution-based movement uniting Occupy, Tea Party, Third Party, Republican, Democrat and Independent leaders across the spectrum which will result in saving our world.”

From FreeAndEqual.org:

What: The United We Stand Festival Los Angeles

When: Saturday, October 12, 2013; 12:00pm-10:00pm

Where: UCLA Campus-Pauley Pavilion and Tennis Center

Why: To ignite a grassroots movement which will break the stranglehold of the two-party duopoly and reform our election process by empowering young Americans to vote and run for public office.

To learn more about Free & Equal, please visit www.freeandequal.org.


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